How Do You Get -36 Goals? - Shellshock Live Showdown | JeromeACE

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 7, 2019
  • Today we play Shellshock Live

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  • riceing '
    riceing '  1 months ago

    I don't want to mean.. but I don't know what's worse... Your hairline, your nose or your over friendliness in your videos.

    Just wanted to say this.. I AM NOT A HATER JUST A MEMER!

  • Phoenix Shogun
    Phoenix Shogun  1 months ago

    1:50 No, Jerome has a plane

  • Nikolas Snieg
    Nikolas Snieg  1 months ago

    I love shoccer

  • Pricymonster 838
    Pricymonster 838  1 months ago

    I was the 1,000 like

  • Tono Cruz
    Tono Cruz  1 months ago

    Bruh I was bout to write a whole paragraph of a rant when he said it was better than rocket league

  • Ty Ramer
    Ty Ramer  1 months ago


  • Dryan3
    Dryan3  1 months ago +2

    He missed Adam at 8:33 Nice Posture

  • Remy Stevens
    Remy Stevens  1 months ago +1

    Jerome next time try to shank the ball. I have never done it but it sounds like an answer you need to find out.

  • Owen Bryce
    Owen Bryce  1 months ago +1

    I’ve been click bated u got 6 goals

  • Damon Hunt
    Damon Hunt  1 months ago +1

    Some weapons still do damage in shoccer, and it counts as goals. So yeh

  • jacob linford
    jacob linford  1 months ago +1

    I feel like this is click bait

  • Kyu lightning
    Kyu lightning  1 months ago +1

    Shoccer is such a meme of a game mode

  • Alpha Cat77
    Alpha Cat77  1 months ago +8

    Jerome getting messages mid round was giving me risk flash backs

  • TWGlaceon k
    TWGlaceon k  1 months ago

    Think of how big that ball would be

  • The World Needs Change

    Nothing is better than Rocket League...

    Especially when it’s BdoubleO100, Pungenge, and WolvesAtMyDoor/Triple J/ The Capitals.

  • Classic Weemo
    Classic Weemo  1 months ago

    Play some swag bros

  • Mariama Kane
    Mariama Kane  1 months ago +1

    2:22 and 3:03 the pinpoint and needles

  • Gamer Prodigy10
    Gamer Prodigy10  1 months ago +4

    This isnt shoccer its destroy the map simulator.

  • Gaming On The Floor
    Gaming On The Floor  1 months ago +12

    The negative goals, or mad amounts of goals, is from zipper, it is a glitched weapon in shoccar. Does damage and counts towards their score, but not goal count.

  • Roc Wolfe
    Roc Wolfe  1 months ago

    So many steam messages