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  • Published on:  Monday, February 4, 2019
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  • Faith kirby
    Faith kirby  6 months ago

    This explains everything in a box or in a nutshell of me and my life

  • D Willimoto
    D Willimoto  9 months ago

    Lovely as always! What an interesting beat against those pads!

  • Locolm
    Locolm  9 months ago

    The video is so cute 😍, that little cat love the money 😂, good music too ❤️

  • Bradley
    Bradley  9 months ago

    Man I am really in love with the channel so much recently ♥️♥️ it gets better by the day, keep doing you man 🙂♥️

  • Lay Lobinson
    Lay Lobinson  9 months ago

    omg i need one of those! doesnt matter if its a cat or not!

  • lyall pivo
    lyall pivo  9 months ago

    Before playing, I knew I would enjoy this song. Thank you.

  • lilia na
    lilia na  9 months ago +1

    I want one

  • TheUltimateMarioFan
    TheUltimateMarioFan  9 months ago +1


  • princessthyemis
    princessthyemis  9 months ago +1

    This is so charming and cute sounding! Also proud that I could read the Katakana in the title...This sounds like it would blend well with the show "Hilda"! Excellent brainstorming music! I'm going to brainstorm some of my story with this music right now!

  • Tet͎s͎u͎t͎e͎t͎s͎u͎_͎x͎2͎

    OH mY GOoD GraVY, that cat is adorable (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

  • Mykhayl Hulkevych
    Mykhayl Hulkevych  9 months ago +1


  • Tan TDX
    Tan TDX  9 months ago +3


  • Mec Catch-a-Ride
    Mec Catch-a-Ride  9 months ago +7

    Perfect song for the rain that began to fall now.

  • Homework Radio
    Homework Radio  9 months ago +13

    Cheeky little thing isn't she! 💜

  • Suika Ibuki
    Suika Ibuki  9 months ago +4

    I've got one of these style money boxes but it's Godzilla instead of a cat lol

  • Dreamhop / Schwifty Music
    Dreamhop / Schwifty Music  9 months ago +7

    This is so funny. I want this little cat, he looks so alive ! <3

  • Dan Yang
    Dan Yang  9 months ago +4

    Ok now, just tell me where to buy this, I swear I'm gonna put every single coin in there

  • X
    X  9 months ago +3

    so nice, so relax, so perfect...

  • Maxi Max 2.0
    Maxi Max 2.0  9 months ago +3


  • arianator next
    arianator next  9 months ago +2