EVERYTHING new in Android 10 - Full overview!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 3, 2019
  • Android 10 is officially out which means it's time to take a deep look at everything in the new OS! If they'd kept the names, it would've been Android Queen Cake, but we'll settle for 10, we guess. Links below!
    Full review: http://andauth.co/Android10
    Android 10 announcement details: http://andauth.co/qHCLgv
    Android 10 update tracker: https://www.androidauthority.com/android-10-update-1023882/
    Android Developers website: https://developer.android.com/about/versions/10
    Android 10 downloads: https://developers.google.com/android/images
    Android 10 deep dive podcast: http://traffic.libsyn.com/androidauthority/aapod_android_10_final.mp3

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  • Android Authority
    Android Authority  14 days ago +243

    Hello friendos, Joe Hindy here.

    Thanks for watching! Leave a comment and I'll try to get back to you (if a reply is necessary, of course!). Yes, I realize my gmail is all over this video. However, I migrated all my stuff away from it years ago because I kept forgetting to remove it in old videos, so it's basically just my throwaway for testing now :P Oops!

    Anyway, any criticisms or questions and I'll be around periodically the next few days to check 'em out! (or you can tweet at me too! Whatever works!)

  • raimitrilogymemes
    raimitrilogymemes  an hour ago

    Loving Android 10!

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199  3 hours ago

    Didn't they also get rid of beam? I use that all the time when Bluetooth devices refuse to stay paired.

  • Tommy Johnson
    Tommy Johnson  22 hours ago

    You go my sub! :)

  • lian moreno
    lian moreno  yesterday

    Will this android 10 update be on samsung galaxy s9? Please someone tell me.

  • Redbu11
    Redbu11  yesterday

    facebook wants to know your location

  • Paolo Bartolome

    Face unlock not working after updating. From Google Pixel 3XL

  • David Perez
    David Perez  yesterday +2

    I can already use the gestures control on my Galaxy S10, but I prefer the 3 button layout...

  • Nick Edens
    Nick Edens  yesterday

    Will it be out for the galaxy s8

  • A vegetable
    A vegetable  yesterday

    We love an apple copy

  • Brad Wright
    Brad Wright  yesterday

    Don't update to 10.. it sucks

  • whatudoin1
    whatudoin1  2 days ago

    All this time I thought the gestures was part of Android. It's Miui? It's good that Android catches up

    CHA CHA  2 days ago

    I got that on vivo android 9

  • Paolo Bartolome
    Paolo Bartolome  2 days ago

    I hope they fixed the messaging app's quick reply where you can reply in the lockscreen without having to unlock the device just like iOS.

  • Dede Padi
    Dede Padi  2 days ago


  • Rajnish Jadhav
    Rajnish Jadhav  2 days ago


  • Rajnish Jadhav
    Rajnish Jadhav  2 days ago

    Kaddddddddddk re bhava

  • Reyoung Ray
    Reyoung Ray  2 days ago +1

    Camera problems
    Photos saving problem
    Photo editing problem
    Photo sharing problem
    Screenshot problem
    Voice Calling problem
    Google play problem
    Update problem
    Website problem
    Alarm problem
    This is totally a mobile phone killer version!
    I'm using Google's phone~pixel
    Never have this phone like trash as this.
    Thinking twice before you update!!!

  • E F
    E F  2 days ago +1

    one problem with Android, an it's mostly for the carriers when they issue the phones: STOP BUNDLING MANDATORY SOFTWARE INTO THE IMAGE! Just being able to "disable" NFL Mobile or "Spotify" or whatever else they pre-install isn't enough. The app still takes up memory and space. I want to basically "root" the phone without actually rooting it. Install what I want on there and not what the carrier mandates I have because of some asinine agreement with these app publishers. I don't care about it having to do with "keeping the price down"

  • E F
    E F  2 days ago +2

    where's the "conservative speech censoring settings"? This IS a Google product after all...