Trump Labels The Trade War A 'Little Squabble'

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • Today's Donald Trump vocabulary word of the day: squabble.

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  • Ron Wade
    Ron Wade  7 days ago

    I love it! The prompters had to hand out fifties and threaten to shoot the kids to get a round.

  • charmnGUY
    charmnGUY  21 days ago

    What a laughing stock, the clown and administration!!

  • LordKame Guru
    LordKame Guru  21 days ago

    Remember that advertisement on tv in GTA 5 about windmills being bad because birds and shit. The slogan was like clean coal or something. The jokes, the satire are becoming reality. It's not okay.

  • Richard Dastrup
    Richard Dastrup  1 months ago

    Fake news cheerleader . Stephen Colbert is clueless to real stories real issues. Stephen Colbert has Trump syndrome.

  • jess F
    jess F  1 months ago

    Trump is an idiot, Putin must be so proud!

  • Mike Mcgarity
    Mike Mcgarity  1 months ago

    Trump is justed like school ground bully threating country's.its a pity orangatan trump does not Learn some comment sense .Oh sorry I forgot he don't have can anyone be near him.his children musted be ashamed of him.hurry up and remove him before he starts war in the middle East.looks like his waist line having a war big Macs .and the mop on his head.let the American people have some peace and sanity restored why he is in his orange jump suit Santa will give with his swap friends signifying jailhouse rock

  • jessica M
    jessica M  1 months ago

    Um I think it's fake news ,will I do that absolutely..ummm what hahaha 🤦

  • jessica M
    jessica M  1 months ago

    6a.m. and already 10 tweets omg imagine the rest of the day how many more does it tweets 😬

  • Maranda Gillespie
    Maranda Gillespie  1 months ago

    Does anybody standing around Trump ever just say,(Um excuse me sir but Do you not realize how earatatingly stupid you are sir)?

  • Susan Kanawyer
    Susan Kanawyer  1 months ago

    I love John song that was awesome I had to push it back so I could hear it again. That was great thank you John

  • marte thompson
    marte thompson  1 months ago

    Just imagine Obama bragging about his TV ratings.

  • green ghost believer

    I know a group of people that didn't watch television in November of 2016 the homeless

  • James Scaggs
    James Scaggs  2 months ago

    Not funny...stupid.

  • Silvia G.
    Silvia G.  2 months ago

    That Orange Manatee needs a pill to shut up his filthy mouth.

  • Nikita Hauser
    Nikita Hauser  2 months ago


  • Andy Macedo
    Andy Macedo  2 months ago

    Just text me it’s easier ! Less drama and in English ! I tried Instagram the other day and got sick to my stomach ! Couldn’t sleep so there’s no Need to keep torturing myself ! Unless it’s in English then I’ll never bother ! Enough crypto and hidden messages that shit is old ! No time left anyway !

  • Cisco Navarro
    Cisco Navarro  2 months ago

    Hily shit i didnt even notice that transition at 1:26. I was listening to this and thought Trump was still talking haha

  • WeedWhacker2010
    WeedWhacker2010  2 months ago

    Am I wrong? Jon Batiste is a fabulously handsome man....I don't know if he's Gay?? but....(call me)…..

  • George Krouses
    George Krouses  2 months ago

    How can the president say that windmills kill birds how stupid can he be how stupid stupid stupid idiot of a president would that we have

  • Lou De Leon
    Lou De Leon  2 months ago

    Trump does not know jackshit about anything. Just opens his mouth, then pats himself on the back for creating sound.