Trump Labels The Trade War A 'Little Squabble'

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
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  • ScottTheAngel  2 months ago

    Every time Trump talks it's like listening to an evil eleven year old try to fool me, I think who is going to believe this nonsense but appearantly there are people.

  • isaac T  28 days ago

    @Greg Gammago I'm a Christian and I don't support Trump in anyway shape or form

  • Zachary Barcelona  1 months ago

    @R2 D2 You aren't expecting me to believe any of this shit are you?

  • Thump tears up the Iran deal and then gets mad at Iran for not abiding by it. Oh the Irany.

  • DeoMor  22 days ago

    Nice play on words.

  • Cherokee Fraction  2 months ago

    @an eye for an eye you don't know what you're talking about

  • Brandon M  2 months ago

    Here's how you can tell Trump hasn't done anything worthwhile: he's *still* bragging about his election win.

  • Robin Potter  11 days ago

    He never stopped campaigning. #Disgusted

  • lmbooo

  • Victoria Harker  2 months ago

    Trump doesn’t understand tariffs or economics or words..... he’s a total and utter fuckwit. Thanks America.😳🙄🤪🤮

  • erikbynum1  1 months ago

    You’re welcome!!!

  • Petyr Kowalski  2 months ago

    Which is surprising from a "stable genius"

  • sdfkjgh  2 months ago

    7:26 Anyone else notice that "great Patriot Farmers" sounds more like terminology used in places like USSR, China, & North Korea?

  • Unabomber Patriots constitutional fanatics God bless them all

  • Vianey Boruel  1 months ago

    They're his homies start getting ready for dictatorship

  • Valerie Texan  2 months ago

    How can anyone not see how ignorant this man is?

  • Nathan Ward  5 days ago

    Shanna Sweger 0

  • Rob B  2 months ago

    @ashrel goh after those fucx news enemas you really should purge youself of that shit that's been pumped into you brain.

  • Herb Tenderson  2 months ago

    Ironic that he's talking about birds being killed by windmills, when this Administration is plowing through Native American lands and protected habitats in the name of manifest destiny 2020.

  • Tom Andries  11 days ago

    Won' t be in much of a destiny,when unsustainable methods are used.

  • noob noob  2 months ago

    Build some ITER reactors. Problem solved.

  • Katie Kane  2 months ago

    Millions of species are suffering due to climate change but Donnie makes a case for wind power killing birds. He's a special kind of stupid!

  • ​@Not Now Wtf? Did it hurt your feelings that she insulted Trump's state of mind? What on earth was your point other than say "women are STUPID" like a Trump's tweet...

  • GMP  2 months ago

    Not Now . . MaddPeanut . . . Yes Katie, these two are idiots. Apart from wind power there are other kinds of renewable energy sources.By 2024 Australia will be 50% powered by renewable energy and the USA will end up being like China . . . . you won't know if the sky is blue (LA is like that already) and y'all already breathing in that shit. China is getting cleaner though . . . . importing gas from Russia and it will be running industry and power with gas while America is still in the 18th century in...

  • Wh0isTh3D0ct0r  2 months ago

    "When the time is right, we will make a deal with China."Translation: As soon as my associates and I are done buying stocks at their low prices, I'll make a deal with China.

  • Tahron Davis  1 months ago

    @noob noob when he announced his plans it did drop. You saw it when it recovered, but your right that it bounced back.

  • noob noob  2 months ago

    @Tahron Davis The DOW isn't dropping. I am watching it right now and it is holding steady at a level higher than last year. It always goes up and down, and I can't see anything that happened recently on the meta. there might have been a dip, but if it is crashing like you say, it is an extremely low crash.

  • Mats K  2 months ago

    "Mr president, did you do that?""No, that's fake news. Yes."

  • lmbooo