11PM: Hurricane Florence Update

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
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  • News 19 WLTX  10 months ago

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  • Louella Aubert  10 months ago

    @not nebules lcnbz be in Malibu, I eegnkq2w we qqahmmn to it

  • Brayan Da Silva  10 months ago

    US: can we have cold weather?Mother nature: did you say Hurricane?US: no cold wea-Mother nature: Ok Category 5

  • Shiema D  10 months ago

    @Amore Deus mood

  • dathster 123  10 months ago

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  • mistertendie  10 months ago

    Imagine getting killed by a hurricane named *f l o r e n c e*

  • APPLE CIDER  10 months ago

    Man I’d much rather die from a hurricane called*DESTROYER 9000* than a hurricane called Florence

  • Tanner Luckenbaugh  10 months ago

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  • Rositas Rosas  10 months ago

    All we need is some Flex Tape and we will all be fine 🙃

  • lil vro vro  10 months ago

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  • matt kelly  10 months ago

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  • Nathan White  10 months ago

    Who would win:1 Windy Boi5 million Yeehaw bois

  • TWN_AP5  10 months ago

    Not every one in no/sc is redneck lol I live in nc I’m a city person

  • Emerald Beauty  10 months ago

    yabba dabba doo

  • Dark  10 months ago

    *Who's here because they went to the trending bar from YouTube lmao?* 😂😂😂

  • • WingDingo •  10 months ago

    Dark I’m not dead thank god

  • nice lady  10 months ago

    I as well,,

  • Victoria Smith  10 months ago

    Hurricane Florence?!More like hurricane Borence *waits for hurricane to destroy my house*

  • Joshua Jon Lufkin  8 months ago

    Victoria Smith hi

  • Joshua Jon Lufkin  8 months ago

    Victoria Smith why

  • Andrea Hernandez  10 months ago

    Hurricane Katrina? *more like hurricane tortilla*

  • imagine  9 months ago

    Uncle Ruckus where the fuck did i even mention your disagreement? Pinpointing irreverent things for your benefit? Dumbass kid, wanting to start an argument over tortillas? You honestly cant make yourself look dumber 😂

  • Andrew Li  10 months ago

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  • Riceman  10 months ago

    If anyone needs food or water slide me a DM

  • Agatha Derry  10 months ago

    🐝🐝 *WAN4T ME? LOOK, I MASTB**ATE NAK2ED,снеск9 VID5еО.* 🌸

  • Trogdor  10 months ago

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  • David micklousha  10 months ago

    West Coast: Literally on fireEast Coast: "umm...excuse me Ms. Florence the droughts over there."Florence: Ohh nah they're fine, here let me just destroy your house.

  • Fantastically Lame  10 months ago

    Northern Region: um can someone melt this snow.