Biggest Remaining Threat to a First-Round Bye | #RavensMailbag

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 20, 2019
  • Which coordinator has done a more masterful job this year? Which position will the Ravens target first in the 2020 NFL Draft?

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  • Jace Woods
    Jace Woods  1 months ago

    Check Check and Check😎🤔

  • Whitegleeshy
    Whitegleeshy  1 months ago

    Imagine skins win out and we trade up and get chase young

  • Nes
    Nes  2 months ago

    Rams win mnf

  • Marcus Delmonte
    Marcus Delmonte  2 months ago


  • Dan 2Times
    Dan 2Times  2 months ago

    Next three games

  • Cameron Leon
    Cameron Leon  2 months ago +4

    We gotta stay focused on Rams this week! I’m so excited for the Ravens coming to California!!! Showing love for my team and Bmore all the here on the west coast since 98

  • Derek Frank
    Derek Frank  2 months ago +4

    our official nickname should be the "Holy Roman Empire"

  • Blacc R
    Blacc R  2 months ago +1

    With our defense playing the way they’re playing, it’s nobody!!! Ravens Nation 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    BIRD FLOCK  2 months ago


  • A_Train W
    A_Train W  2 months ago +4

    Ferguson is looking great every week for a rookie I feel we find a pure pass rusher with Judon next season and if they can keep all corners on somewhat cheap contracts would be a franchise in the making

  • Ellicott Raven
    Ellicott Raven  2 months ago +4

    Rams, Niners, Bills, Jets, Browns and Steelers are all tough games. Let us be humble in victory like our genius megastar Lamar Jackson. The kid is all of 22 yrs old and he understands that humility and hard work every Sunday is what gets you a W. 
    Let's never forget that in a league that is built on parity. Every team is dangerous if you lose focus and don't play up to your potential. Talent is only going so far folks. Let us play hard each week like it is our last and victory can be ours. Anything less and we can lose to any of those teams. However, I think our team is humble and focused so we are in good hands.

  • Matthew Pierson
    Matthew Pierson  2 months ago

    Almost $70 million in cap space next year, per, If keeping Matt Judon is an issue... my faith in this team keeping a roster together is gone!

    EVIL KING  2 months ago

    Big dogs no lil dogs

  • e clay
    e clay  2 months ago

    I think we can win out (not being a Homer)
    Rams their OL is horrible, make Goff 1 dimensional, they have a good defense at positions not as a whole
    SF, again their offense & QB not as strong, I like kittle and Shanahan is a guru(he has not reached genius stays yet) their defensive line is crazy good but that's it
    Bills, possible we do not win, it's buffalo in December (nuff said) but it will be close and I think we do enough to win
    Browns, I would have given them the win but no myles they already lost their other DE.
    Pitt we will not win this game (guarantee it) 1st rd bye is locked up and thus fame is played by 2nd /3rd string
    So if we play Ravens football
    We lost just 1 game

  • Bearboy 2.0
    Bearboy 2.0  2 months ago +1

    13-3. Ravens last loss will be against the 49ers

  • Chris Lombardi
    Chris Lombardi  2 months ago

    Rams ...we are winning out ....

  • Maui Waui
    Maui Waui  2 months ago +2

    It’s just 49ers if we’re being honest

  • jimb
    jimb  2 months ago +3

    Ravens beat them all by 3 scores!

  • BaltimoreBoy 410
    BaltimoreBoy 410  2 months ago +5

    Rams and bills are a threat to us????? LMAO ok😂

  • Reek The freak
    Reek The freak  2 months ago

    To be honest the 49ers