BTS ‘EPILOGUE : Young Forever’ MV

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 19, 2016


  • Nora C
    Nora C  an hour ago

    I always come here to cry

  • Saulina 1963
    Saulina 1963  3 hours ago +1

    no se porque pero esta canción me pone bien sad :"/

  • Agfa Ines Metrika
    Agfa Ines Metrika  6 hours ago

    Love BTS sooo muchh!!

  • nurulnazirah syedabubakar

    It didn't even start and i'm already crying

  • Mabast Dler
    Mabast Dler  9 hours ago


  • Jo GR—
    Jo GR—  14 hours ago

    It's great to see how the lyrics have a lot of influence on the video, how it conveys the feelings, getting the emotions embodied in the song to be transmitted to the person who sees the video.

  • Malaika Malik
    Malaika Malik  18 hours ago +1

    It didn't even start and i'm already crying

  • Misheel Chimegbat
    Misheel Chimegbat  yesterday +1

    Im just listening that beautiful song and crying

  • Khansae Dami
    Khansae Dami  yesterday +1

    Best song ever 😍😍😍

  • ARMY love BTS
    ARMY love BTS  yesterday +1

    My young-BTS and ARMY

  • Ishika Mazn
    Ishika Mazn  yesterday +1

    every time I listen to this song i just wanna cry😭😭😭

  • Ana Lucía Tenorio
    Ana Lucía Tenorio  yesterday +1

    Armys hispanohablantes repórtense

  • cheyxennx x
    cheyxennx x  yesterday +3

    How many army in here december 2019?☝💜

  • Hura Yan
    Hura Yan  2 days ago +1

    When were I listen dis song my tears nonstop fall
    Love you BTS forever💜💜

  • fallenbangtan
    fallenbangtan  2 days ago +2

    We both, BTS and ARMY know nothing will last forever, but we will make it last while we can. We have created the biggest history of the millennia; the love between BTS and ARMY will be forever. You can rest at ease, BTS. You will always be ours, we will always be yours.

    Yes, this is me in December 2019 - it's BTS marathon guys time to crush youtube

  • Andressa Braz
    Andressa Braz  2 days ago +1

    br aki

  • Mir Love bts
    Mir Love bts  2 days ago


  • Charlemagne Vielleux
    Charlemagne Vielleux  2 days ago +5

    friends: Who is BTS again?

    Me: walks away