Bebe Rexha - I'm A Mess (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • NEW SINGLE OUT NOW & Debut Album 'Expectations' Out Now:

    Video Directed by: Sophie Muller

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  • Bebe Rexha
    Bebe Rexha  3 months ago +123446

    I have been very vocal and honest about my ongoing struggle with anxiety and depression. I wanted to create a video and song that expressed my truth. This video is a celebration of me finally being able to accept my imperfections. I'm okay with not being okay all the time. If you feel alone or lost please know you are not, and you are loved.❤️

  • BTS_lightcity ARMY
    BTS_lightcity ARMY  a minute ago

    i am a bts army...비비 렉사님이 빌보드 수상에 나와 bts 맴버와 사진 찍는걸 보고비비 렉사 노래를 들어 봤어요개인적으로 비비 렉사(Bebe Rexha)의 노래중 Ferrari 가 가장 근사하게 다가왔어요다른 노래들도 아마 좋아하게 될거 같아요 ...당신은 참 멋진 아티스트군요....

  • Dennis Robinett
    Dennis Robinett  a minute ago +1

    She is so pretty!

  • Haripur Abbottabad
    Haripur Abbottabad  9 minutes ago

    Nice song💋.....#haripurAbbottabad

  • Sup3Night_
    Sup3Night_  13 minutes ago

    I Love The Song I Bester Song Ever

  • Clay Brewer
    Clay Brewer  16 minutes ago

    please dont come to west point

  • Emma Nederveen
    Emma Nederveen  34 minutes ago

    Love this song! XD

  • Lara Altabbaa
    Lara Altabbaa  49 minutes ago


  • Marta Carolina
    Marta Carolina  52 minutes ago


  • Alexis Sayuri
    Alexis Sayuri  an hour ago

    my broke a$* when i waste my money on gross food:
    *everything’s gonna be alrighhhhht everything’s gonnnnaaaa be alrightttt*

  • Daniela Kimuena Makengo

    it s

  • ahmad futukhillah
    ahmad futukhillah  an hour ago

    Finally, the most I'm trusting is my self

  • 蔣贛化
    蔣贛化  an hour ago

    Love this song but this music video is shit

  • Oğuzhan Gani
    Oğuzhan Gani  an hour ago

    Clip is very bad but song is really good

  • Willem de worm
    Willem de worm  2 hours ago

    I have no words.. I love it💗🤞

  • شخصية ماركة
    شخصية ماركة  2 hours ago +1

    I want 2OO Like ✋🏻❤️🌝

  • Green_te@
    Green_te@  3 hours ago

    I felt like I was in aà fairy tale

  • Roulane Dylan
    Roulane Dylan  3 hours ago

    do a collab with zayn

  • 녤칩
    녤칩  3 hours ago

    It is a song full of personality and it is in the 3rd place among the foreign songs that have come in so far and I am a korean and I cought the hearts of koreans♥!

  • sam xalxo
    sam xalxo  3 hours ago

    Getting addicted to this song