Bedtime Lullabies and Calming Undersea Animation: Baby Lullaby

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 26, 2017
  • Baby lullaby and calming water sound, bedtime lullabies songs to put a baby to sleep with soothing undersea and fishes animation, relaxing blue screen and babies sleep music (Lullaby).Playlist Baby Lullaby:


  • Chelsea thurman  23 days ago

    My one year old has severe brain damage from birth, so he is unable to do anything for himself, he can’t move intentionally. But he gets so much joy out of life. And he absolutely loves calming music. He loves listening with me before bed. Unfortunately he’s also blind so he can’t see the little fishies but the bubble and water sounds make us feel like we’re in the sea ☺️❤️ lovely

  • Very calming and take care everyone

  • ❤️

  • Donna Testa  5 months ago

    I'm far from being a baby, I'm 65 years old. Let me tell you that this by far is the most relaxing , calming, and charming video I've come across in along time. It makes me feel warm and happy. The music is great, but those bubble sounds are so cool. I just love it and sleep well . Thanks for the happiness. 😊

  • I feel you Donna

  • mike ihde  1 months ago

    🤩🤩🤩 works in the parents too! But seriously great combo it's part of my 4 y/o's nightly bedtimeb routine

  • Hannah j  5 months ago

    Everyone's saying how this helped their baby while I'm a 20 year old with social anxiety listening to this to calm my soul!

  • Macey Bullard  yesterday


  • JoshMondayMusic  5 days ago

    My wife and I like this music for our baby and it is quite soothing for adults as well

  • Alejandra Molina  6 months ago

    Anyone reading the comments while keeping the video playing just to make sure the kiddo is truly sleeping 😂

  • ♥️

  • Jane Menzel  12 days ago

    Haha, yes! 😄

  • My autistic non verbal, severely delayed 3 year old absolutely loves this. I have a tank with fake fish and jellyfish because of this video. Funny thing is, he will watch this. But not a real aquarium! Thank you so much. This is his favorite video on yt, and mine too.

  • @Lee Donoghue because if it relaxes my son. I get to rest as well. :)

  • Alexsandro Gomes  20 days ago


  • Geraldine Balao  5 months ago

    Our fave lullaby because it darkens and no ads in the middle. Thank you for helping our lil one sleep. God bless you

  • We played this lullaby since my son’s birth. Great song! Jesus loves you!

  • saado barre  3 months ago

    Geraldine Balao has come a lot with a beautiful family in a great

  • Elena J  1 months ago

    I was babysitting my friend's baby and she started crying, i tried everything to make her stop crying and nothing helped. Then I found this on youtube and she fell asleep for 5 minutes. Amazing. Thank you

  • Sprite Sponsored  2 days ago

    Hi boy.

  • jeremy swiney  1 months ago

    5 minutes of bliss lol

  • Jake Shepard  16 days ago

    Thumbs up for no Ads!!

  • qtchikaxoxo  50 minutes ago

    Marykate DeBonis not in the middle of the video, only if you pause, get out of the app & then come back.

  • Marykate DeBonis  9 days ago

    There are ads

  • Macey Bullard  4 days ago


  • MLS HCH  9 months ago

    This is a big THANK YOU from the single stay at home momma, that’s got a almost 2 year old baby girl that’s super sick. After playing this for about half a minute, she had finally gave it up and fell sleep. And so did my 9 year old son (who’s autistic) that’s stayed up with his sissy. It’s now 6 in the morning and we’re finally gonna be able to get some rest. So thankful I found this!❤️

  • ihab nayal  22 days ago

    My teaching son has Down Syndrome ... and playing this music to him tonight till he fell as sleep on my shoulder (after hours of crying) was the best moment I’ve ever had with him

  • Adeola Ileyemi  1 months ago

    @Hailey Holliman good so let us be grateful to God in all situations we are becos some are worst than us