John Cho Speaks Korean Like a 6-Year-Old

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • John talks about growing up in South Korea, meeting with a bunch of family members while he was visiting recently and needing a translator to help him communicate.

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    John Cho Speaks Korean Like a 6-Year-Old


  • Juju bee
    Juju bee  2 months ago

    I speak Portuguese like a baby

  • GudgnJ
    GudgnJ  2 months ago

    I know how to speak korean like a normal person, as well as make fun of americans who try to speak it.

  • Mar Yann Cepeda
    Mar Yann Cepeda  3 months ago


  • adam cohen
    adam cohen  4 months ago +1

    The first time I saw him was in Pakistan during Harold and Kumar, he's an underrated actor wish him the best.

  • Fujiwara Ryo
    Fujiwara Ryo  4 months ago

    Us Asians, most of us do not age. Unless we grow beard.

  • Jeongguk is so uwu
    Jeongguk is so uwu  4 months ago

    I love the movie Searching. It's so mysterious and exciting.

  • Reiner
    Reiner  5 months ago +4

    Yeah.....i dont see him as a Spike

  • Orange Sheep
    Orange Sheep  6 months ago

    I wonder if he's well known in Korea or not. like Daniel Henney he's famous in both USA & Korea

  • Hang Geng
    Hang Geng  7 months ago


  • mikah ong
    mikah ong  7 months ago

    Idk much hokkien. My folks forced me to attend a schl that taught mandarin because that's all that's ever useful in jobs these days, so despite the toxic environment I was forced to go there lol. They never bothered teaching me hokkien. I only know the stuff I hear them say. Mostly swears. xD

  • Jessi-Nicole Ernstzen
    Jessi-Nicole Ernstzen  7 months ago +2

    In korean im like in grade 1 or elemenry

  • houston korea
    houston korea  7 months ago


  • 꼭찾는다
    꼭찾는다  7 months ago

    It is weird, chinese american normally can speak chinese, Korean american normally can not speak Korean, I think. Why? If there is someone who has immigrated person to US, please tell me about that. Are you shame? If you can not speak Korean, please don't come back to Korea, please have business or work in your country, US, please do not come back!!

  • Ice Bliss
    Ice Bliss  7 months ago

    honestly it seems like all these people condemning parents for not teaching their children their native languages probably aren't part of an immigrant family. My parents never had time to help me with homework, let alone teach me their native language when they were working multiple dead end jobs to keep us alive. You'd think the survival of a child would be more important to them than teaching their child a language that isn't all that useful outside of a small demographic in America.

    But in all seriousness, most immigrant children hit an important stage of their identity in adolescence where they tend to reject their heritage. Some just end up completely separating themselves from that cultural environment (from personal experience it seems to usually be for unhealthy cultural norms that are perpetuated in the household) and some others just fall back into it once they get a hold of their identity on the way to adulthood. It's a crisis to have as a child, and it's bewildering that people shun those that just don't have an interest in their roots. I don't think it's all that wrong to leave it if you have no interest in it, and you don't necessarily have any obligation to be a part of that if you've decided your identity won't be a part of that. Also, some people just don't want to be defined and labeled due to those roots so they just don't bother with it.

  • sjsk veryvery
    sjsk veryvery  8 months ago

    Now i know why parents should teach their own kid to culture and language where they was born.
    Maybe kids when they growing would get such a big shame, cause others would asks "Can you speak some korean for me?" And they would like "👀 Excuse me, sir, but i know only English"

  • The Tears of Jungkook

    I speak Malay like a 4 year old lol

    BRENDA RESHA  9 months ago

    I love him in movie harold amd kumar. I love comedy

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool  9 months ago

    I crave burgers just looking at him.

    AAA AAA  10 months ago


  • Center DC
    Center DC  11 months ago

    Seeing stuff like this makes me proud to be a korean