North America selected to host 2026 World Cup by Fifa nations - as it happened!



  • Juan Pablo Caballero Quiroz

    Maple Honey, Tacos And Hot Dogs... Miel De Maple, Tacos y Perros Calientes, felicidades Mexico, ire a ese mundial, es una promesa!

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage  a months ago

    2:00:57 i wonder which contry vote for none of the bids lol

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage  a months ago +1

    thx for america and canada .. for calling Football a Football not a soccer at Fifa Bidding
    btw they name still Soccer Federation .. pftt

  • Lord Chanka
    Lord Chanka  1 months ago

    Lmao, can’t wait for the Europeans to get triggered when everyone calls it soccer.

  • Awesome W
    Awesome W  2 months ago +1


  • UGNUG 71
    UGNUG 71  2 months ago

    For the retards in this comment section. American football, the most points are scored by the kicker and the term soccer comes from the UK. Now get over yourselves with the fucking name, nobody actually gives a fuck and it’s overused and annoying

  • OSSAM 47
    OSSAM 47  2 months ago


  • Omg CashMe
    Omg CashMe  2 months ago

    Yay the world cup will come the Canada!

  • Tiger Wolf
    Tiger Wolf  2 months ago

    United bid ? It mean 3 hosts have a lot of pressure to win in their home country ??

  • HaleBopp Gaming
    HaleBopp Gaming  2 months ago

    Indonesia is the best!!!!!

  • Anjishnu
    Anjishnu  2 months ago

    A continent vs a country? Seems slightly unfair

    • Anjishnu
      Anjishnu  2 months ago

      What I meant is the fact that Morocco even got to contest for the final bid seems absurd.

    • john stevens
      john stevens  2 months ago

      Anjishnu the USA, Canada, or Mexico alone would be better than Morocco

  • I see you
    I see you  2 months ago

    USA ✨✨✨

  • Mallaa Nsjdgsaai
    Mallaa Nsjdgsaai  2 months ago

    Fuck the FIFA i Will never watch football again corrupted piece of shits

    • john stevens
      john stevens  2 months ago

      Mallaa Nsjdgsaai World Cup in USA is better than World Cup in Morocco

  • Daniel Maluenda
    Daniel Maluenda  2 months ago

    Boy will the concacaf qualifiers suck now....

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee  2 months ago

    Why not in another European nation, like the Scandinavian Countries, Belgium, Holland, or China. U.S is a War Criminal nation, all soccer fans will be imprisoned for anything, expect their private prisons to be full.

    • Steven Lee
      Steven Lee  2 months ago

      +john stevens Yes, I've been to this fascist prison nation. Its infrastructure is almost third world, the nation only boasts about its private prison system. I wouldn't be surprised if mass incarceration would happen

    • john stevens
      john stevens  2 months ago +1

      Steven Lee have you ever been to the US??

  • Matthew Familia
    Matthew Familia  2 months ago

    So a continent won over a single African nation, wow what a surprise

  • baba BZNZ
    baba BZNZ  2 months ago

    Lol they call it soccer how the fuck they'll host something they can't pronounce correctly..

  • Norman J. Murk
    Norman J. Murk  2 months ago

    The following link is a thorough explanation as to why football is called soccer in the USA. It started in Europe, for the record, lol.

  • FTEN Tv
    FTEN Tv  2 months ago

    Just think if they select North Korea for that. LOLo

  • Nilesh Bhakre
    Nilesh Bhakre  3 months ago

    I thought only russia can bribe...