Buying an RV at Copart | | FULL TIME RV LIVING + CYSTIC FIBROSIS (4-4-18)

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 6, 2018
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  • Fred Stratton
    Fred Stratton  yesterday

    I just stumbled across your channel. Do you both have CF? I have a son with CF. I'll subscribe and follow you.

  • Zeksteve
    Zeksteve  3 days ago

    Delaminated treads are a sign that the tire was low on pressure

  • Bulldozer
    Bulldozer  1 months ago

    Generation X always whining about something . 👎

  • pukwudjivc
    pukwudjivc  1 months ago

    PSI and make sure the rating is over your max weight.

  • John Wren
    John Wren  4 months ago +2

    ALWAYS check the date of tires b4 buying!

    Check tires frequently. RV tires age b4 they wear out.

    Sitting is not good for them. Keep them covered in storage.

    Get new tires at 6 years after date of manufacture.

  • Jacob Mellow
    Jacob Mellow  5 months ago

    Does Copart allow you to drive the car on the lot? How were you able to test the transmission and 4x4. Just curious because I’m looking to start getting some stuff from there.

  • John Shader
    John Shader  5 months ago +2

    Dude. I subscribed. Really... because you remind me of my former brother-inlaw....And my sister. I see that many people are wishing Kelsey the best, and trust me bro... I do too. My sister (Angie) also suffered from CF. She passed on at 20 years old. So I know exactly what Kelsey goes through. No. I didn't live it. But I witnessed it first hand. She had good days and bad, as I'm sure Kelsey does too. But don't ever cut yourself short brother. You, like my brother-inlaw, seem to be there for her with no regard. In my books...that's a hero. Both of you are.

  • Rodney Hendrix
    Rodney Hendrix  5 months ago +1

    Hi, just a note. I was told by a Walmart employee that 6 years it is legal to sell aged tires. Yes you have to really look at the code/date on the tire.....

  • Just Me
    Just Me  7 months ago

    So you are buying a totaled RV for 25k..... I would think you could find NOT totaled RVS like in Yuma Arizona for less and again Not totaled

  • More Haters? Really!
    More Haters? Really!  8 months ago +1

    Meet The Stroops this video was a downer right out of the box. You won’t attract subscribers that way. Ugh.

    THE CREW  8 months ago

    You both have the same voice 😂😂😂

  • 85577alarm
    85577alarm  8 months ago

    Where are these trailers ?

  • 85577alarm
    85577alarm  8 months ago

    Use 10 ply tires.

  • vtajoe
    vtajoe  8 months ago

    Something caught fire next to the tralier

  • Moda Construction
    Moda Construction  8 months ago

    How to get your salvage trailer home after you win? I thought that if a vehicle has a salvage title, then it cannot be legally driven on the road until it has been rebuilt.

  • True Texan
    True Texan  9 months ago

    Thinking that if you changed the previous tires using a Jack on the axles, then you may have inadvertently bent the axle slightly and could have caused the new tire, and any future tires to wear out. Jmho

  • Menno Boon
    Menno Boon  9 months ago

    Did you think about buying something from copart or was it to expensive.

  • thifty bill
    thifty bill  9 months ago

    Always look at the date code on any tire you buy, particularly trailer tires and from Walmart too.

  • Michael Farmer
    Michael Farmer  10 months ago

    It is not your tires, your axle is bent. My trailer does the same thing

  • Camping Uncensored
    Camping Uncensored  11 months ago

    Okay I would like to give you a bit of information I was a full-time camper 4 years before I became hey live-aboard sailboat person. You said your camper was like 7200 lb and you have d load rating tires at the proper PSI of 65 that is a total of 4800 lb towing capacity. 4 load rated tires with proper PSI of 80 so I only have a load capability of 6,000 lb. That is what is tearing up your tires. Yes you should always inspect the tires or buying to verify the date I believe tires not be sold when they're more than 4 years old but there is no law in any state that stops that they can live a full life as long as they're not dry rotted. If you have any questions let me know I was a Master Mechanic and all the years living in a camper I became a tire expert