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  • Published on:  Monday, June 25, 2018
  • In this episode of 'Food Film School', SORTEDfood co-hosts James Currie and Jamie Spafford review the most popular food videos on the internet including 'Double Tap for Mac and Cheese' on Instagram, '2 Ingredient Pancackes' on Facebook, eHow's '3 Cheese Blend Recipe', Gordon Ramsay's 'Classic Shepheard's Pie' recipe, 'Bathing in 1,250 bottles of hot sauce', the biggest pie video on Facebook, 'Skin a Watermelon Party Trick', and SORTEDfood's '5 kitchen gadgets no one needs'.

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    SORTEDfood Reviews The Internet's Most Popular Food Videos | Food Film School | Bon Appétit


  • Jose Pedro Vicente

    I'm so used to watching trixie and katya that these men kind of bore me '-'

  • Kriste Isopahkala
    Kriste Isopahkala  23 hours ago

    The comments in that cheese vid are gold.

  • Chelcie Rollock

    "Is that how it works? I always put cheese."

    Same Jamie, same. Always cheese.

  • TheSnooperPS
    TheSnooperPS  2 days ago

    That's the face of a mentally ill man I haven't seen in a long time

  • szava
    szava  2 days ago

    i'm so glad this video exists, so that I never have to contribute to the views of some of the reviewed videos... youtube can't be paying money enough to bathe in hot sauce. just no.

  • J Peterson
    J Peterson  4 days ago

    I know this is old, but I've made Ramsey's shepherds pie. It is DELICIOUS

  • TuckTuck
    TuckTuck  5 days ago

    British people always hating

  • Blobfish
    Blobfish  6 days ago

    I am your 600th dislike

  • Maxie Sherrow
    Maxie Sherrow  7 days ago

    I think "stop saying words!" is about to be 85 percent of how I shall deal with people now. Thank you for this James

  • Zakiry
    Zakiry  7 days ago

    I like Gordon's videos, I'm impatient but I can easily see what to do

  • L. Doc.
    L. Doc.  7 days ago

    "Mac & cheese" video: Oh, H#77 NO!!!!
    "2 ingredient Pancakes": NO AGAIN.
    "3 cheese blend": to be fair, I've DONE this tutorial for some young people (mom of 5 - some people don't teach their kids to feed themselves).....
    "Popcorn": WHO'S EATING THAT MESS??????
    "Classic Shepherd's Pie": Missed that. Could you SLOW THE ** DOWN!?!?!
    "Hot Sauce Bath": ...just plain NO. C'mon, people!!! FIND OTHER THINGS!!!!!!
    "Biggest Pie Video": Not half bad....3 stars!
    "Watermelon": HAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Great trick!
    "SORTED **(ANYTHING)": YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! 5,000 STARS!!!!

  • Mary Udomah
    Mary Udomah  14 days ago

    Jamie’s shirt is beautiful. Lookit then sharks.

  • Anna B
    Anna B  21 days ago

    Regarding the hot sauce video: on Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link, Link sat in a child's wading pool and had hot sauce poured over him. They had to finish the episode the next day because of the pain he was in. They showed pictures of what his face and body looked like afterwards (although no photos of his 'privates', which he said were also affected...). It looked horrendously painful.

  • slipAngle
    slipAngle  1 months ago

    I didn't know I could get 4 million views on instagram just by videotaping me making a box of velveeta shells and cheese...

  • Planttation ,
    Planttation ,  1 months ago

    That type of mac and cheese is hella good actually

  • TheInfectiousCadaver

    potato salad is disgusting. everyone always puts way to much freakin mayo in it.

    NG DALI  1 months ago

    Putting cheese in a vegan recipe os probably not good. Also don't put cheese in a lactose intolerant recipe.

  • damion duncan
    damion duncan  2 months ago

    These people are breaking down Mac and cheese like it’s rocket science

  • grease monkey
    grease monkey  2 months ago

    remember when gordon lost to james may when making fish pies

  • Sean Brice
    Sean Brice  2 months ago

    Dollar Tree Shells and Cheese!