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  • Published on:  Friday, May 11, 2018
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  • FBE
    FBE  a years ago +2459

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  • Begüm Balat
    Begüm Balat  a years ago +2134

    Anyone noticed that no one ran away when he actually had a gun, but everyone ran away when he didn’t have a gun.

  • Slimebojr 1
    Slimebojr 1  a years ago +6613

    Childish Gambino is a genius

  • Mohamed Haddi
    Mohamed Haddi  a years ago +2993

    8:37 "the horse was very professional"

  • VinnieP
    VinnieP  a years ago +1919

    I feel like the gospel singers in the video had a double meaning. The obvious one, about the shooting in the church in the south. But also, how everyone rushes to different social media outlets after a tragedy saying "prayers" and not actually praying, or just saying to fit in with society.

  • Susan A
    Susan A  a years ago +12981

    I would love to see parents & elders reacting to this video

  • Pricilla Reyes
    Pricilla Reyes  a years ago +2462

    Are we just gonna ignore that he said this was one of gambinos last song?? I'm upset

  • Good Username
    Good Username  a years ago +1490

    Whyyyyy the college kids? The elders would be so much better.

  • Sebastian Feuerstein
    Sebastian Feuerstein  a years ago +4541

    Man that music video was so heavy, the problem is that nothing ever seems to change no matter how much we may talk about it. People talk a lot but lack action, I bet everybody is gonna forget that this even happened at all 😒

  • dennis keyner
    dennis keyner  a years ago +1039

    Nobody gonna mention the fact that will just told us it's gonna be one of Gambino's last songs?

  • BarryA
    BarryA  a years ago +3191

    Damn, they've all seen the video before. Was hoping for their initial reaction >.<

  • robertantonnyc
    robertantonnyc  a years ago +2777

    Art is supposed to make you think, for sure.

  • Sir 'Quellin Esquire III
    Sir 'Quellin Esquire III  a years ago +2689

    Starts off seriously. People will make some memes. This video saturates conversation. The topic gets "old". People move on. Next shooting.

  • 츄츄츄주세요
    츄츄츄주세요  a years ago +1709

    6:00 "as much as we wanna say that things have changed, a lot of things haven't" THAT WAS SO ON POINT

  • Hella Homo
    Hella Homo  a years ago +729

    "The horse was very professional" So true good job horse

  • Olivia Gifford
    Olivia Gifford  a years ago +289

    Them all getting so excited about their talented friend Will in this was honestly one of the cutest things ever

  • Lucía Laínez Jaén
    Lucía Laínez Jaén  a years ago +734


  • The Boy
    The Boy  a years ago +549

    See I was thinking the guns being handled with care while the victims bodies are not represents every time we have a shooting here we argue our gun laws and stuff but never talk about the victims, we go straight to gun laws but not straight to the people who were shot.

  • CokeBlue
    CokeBlue  a years ago +365

    *Will adding to Resume
    —Danced with Childish Gambino

  • Richard Po
    Richard Po  a years ago +1041

    Sad thing is nobody cares about the shooting down in Texas
    They all just care about some two people getting married