Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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    Apple has announced their new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphones for 2019- as well as the Apple Watch Series 5 and a new 7th Gen iPad!

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  • elusiveDEVIANT
    elusiveDEVIANT  11 hours ago

    Does a nearly 10m sub channel that gets roughly 2m+ views each vid need this many sponsors? You do love your money.

  • K Tagarao
    K Tagarao  4 days ago

    What if there was iPhone 3000

  • Gael Flores
    Gael Flores  21 days ago +1

    Disappointed with the Samsung S10 & S10 Plus, Now happy with the Stupid Iphone pro Binoculars Camara 😒

  • Jim Robertson
    Jim Robertson  21 days ago

    Where can I get that stegosaurus?

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown  21 days ago

    "Talk to people, not robots at Ting".

    I activate phones at my current company everyday and port numbers out of Ting because of customers being unable to get past the robot.

  • darksoldier123
    darksoldier123  21 days ago

    Watching this video on my Razer Phone 2 lol

  • Alex1911
    Alex1911  28 days ago

    This years iPhone launch left me so uncertain of if it’s worth selling my 10. Was hoping for a more substantial upgrade to the screen that loses the notch. If a new design comes next year with no notch it’s going to be bad for resale value of notch phones, other then resale I don’t mind the notch (never even notice it), but a new full OLED screen model will date the older models.

    They used to drop a significant redesign every 2 years, but since the 6-8 (4 years) and now 10-11 (3 years) they are slacking. The 8 was launched along side the 10, so if that’s any indication maybe the 12 will be a redesign year making the 11 a bad buy.

  • Speedpro
    Speedpro  28 days ago

    You’re just hating Apple to hate
    It’s not because you like Android that you Shouf hate this extreemly
    Get used to it!

  • Jesus De la torre
    Jesus De la torre  1 months ago

    Now introducing the iPhone 12 now with 6 cameras

  • Doesnt Matter
    Doesnt Matter  1 months ago

    Vastly improved camera and battery and didn't increase the price, thanks China

  • team admin
    team admin  1 months ago

    .....THIS IS WHY I WILL NEVER BUY IPHONE !!! SOME stupid CEO from usa WILL NOT TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I HAVE INSTALLED ON MY OWN F...PHONE !!! NEVER . I go for Samsung Note 10. Considering the removal of by Apple CEO I strongly recommend to not to buy anything from APPLE ! I support freedom and self defence when the law is against people and humanity. Apple is not what it used to be. And its very stupid to be limited by any CEO telling you what you can have on your own phone...or NOT. Any people with NEW APPLE products I will consider since now as empty, brainwashed dehumanised beings with IQ below 80. More info here:

  • Bruno Vass
    Bruno Vass  1 months ago

    Your desk is having an earthquake

  • ナデコ BOT
    ナデコ BOT  1 months ago

    if i pay $1099 for a phone that shit better do photosynthesis

  • ugo dubois
    ugo dubois  1 months ago

    First few secs and im already dead laughing 😁

  • alanblowers
    alanblowers  1 months ago

    Really looking forward to LTT iPhone 11 Pro review. I'll keep checking... 😊

  • Alexander Lee
    Alexander Lee  1 months ago +1

    I'm watching this on an iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Ser Humano
    Ser Humano  1 months ago +2

    1080p max resolution on YouTube on iPhones 📱

  • TheHope12322
    TheHope12322  1 months ago

    Waiting for iPhone SE 2

  • R B
    R B  1 months ago

    Only idiots buy iPhone 😂😂😂😂

  • Mikayel Միքայել
    Mikayel Միքայել  1 months ago +1

    0:58 if that is a reference to Galaxy Watch then remember that Samsung watches had AOD before anyone on the market