Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Mustang GT Part 12

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 4, 2018
  • This is the moment we have all been waiting for! The first test drive after the major collision. Whats a better way to share this moment with you guys than on 4th Of July!!! Thanks for watching! -T-Shirts: A Patron: Fund Me: :


  • Juan Acevedo
    Juan Acevedo  a years ago +138

    Addicted to the videos tbh 😂

  • KpopNiDontStop
    KpopNiDontStop  a years ago +513

    Wonder if the person who wrecked this Stang watches these videos LOL.

  • Stephen Caine
    Stephen Caine  11 months ago +13

    Glad you include Thomas in the vids. Love the Stang, but he’s like another character in the series.

  • Kuemmerling Enthusiast
    Kuemmerling Enthusiast  a years ago +9

    A few weeks ago I didn’t know this channel existed, and now it’s one of my favorites! Good job guys! Greetings from Sweden!

  • Ron Dail
    Ron Dail  a years ago +1

    Don't know if you picked a name, but I think "Dang-Stang" fits. Sorry for being late, I watch the Vette rebuild first.

  • Aaron Jay
    Aaron Jay  a years ago +1

    This channel has been growing at a crazy rate been here before 100k

  • Petey Pon
    Petey Pon  9 months ago +1

    Since you have a fast one,always wanted to name a blue car [high performance,,of course] BLU-BAYOU [Blew by You]

  • Robert DeMilo
    Robert DeMilo  a years ago +5

    Mustang is looking and sounding good. This will be super nice when completed! Glad Thomas is there to help out too. Happy 4th boys!

  • Rilo Ren
    Rilo Ren  a years ago +2

    I’m literally in love with this series guys! Keep it up my man! Tell Thomas I said hey. 💙

  • goonzquad
    goonzquad  a years ago +133

    Hope everyone has a great 4th Of July!!! 😎

  • Winston Tjongarero

    love your vids following this build since day one all the way from Namibia💪💪

  • tahir akram
    tahir akram  3 months ago

    both r great, I enjoy your channel a lot

  • Adden 306
    Adden 306  a years ago +17

    Diggin the gt350 carbon wing 🤙🏻🇺🇸

  • Juan Barreiros
    Juan Barreiros  a years ago

    Liberty is undoubtedly a good name for the Mustang. keep up the good work, hugs.

  • CarPro Installs
    CarPro Installs  a years ago +52

    Remove dealership sticker.

  • iWaleeDz
    iWaleeDz  a years ago

    I found your channel today and became addicted to these mustang videos 😂
    Keep up the good work fellas.
    Greetings from Oman 🇴🇲 🤙🏻

  • Blue Paw
    Blue Paw  a years ago +1

    Be sure to clear coat that CF rear wing. It will keep the "yellowing" away. Tried and true method. Watched you guys go from 20K subs to 151K! Nice work fellas!!!

  • Alex M Welker
    Alex M Welker  a years ago +2

    Are You Going To Replace The Front Window Shield?

  • Pieter B.
    Pieter B.  a years ago +4

    Hah, you guys were smiling after test-driving it! But no shame for that at all. Much appreciation from the Netherlands!

  • Henrik Frank
    Henrik Frank  a years ago +29

    360p Notification Gang