100% Honest Review of UNKNOWN ETSY SLIME SHOP! Do They Make GOOD SLIME??

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 27, 2018
  • 100% Honest Review of UNKNOWN ETSY SLIME SHOP! Do They Make GOOD SLIME?? Honest Slime Package Review!

    Hello everyone! Today's Honest Slime Review is of 3 Non Famous Etsy Slime Shops! I had never heard of these slime stores but found them while shopping for slime on Etsy! I will be unboxing the slime packages and showing you everything that is inside! Did I waste my money? Have I found a new FAVORITE Slime Shop? This is a HUGE SLIME HAUL! Thank you for watching!

    Gillian xx


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    DIY No Glue Slime!:

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  • Gillian Bower Slime
    Gillian Bower Slime  a years ago +2410

    What did you think of these slimes!? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! 💙 Love you! Gillian xx

  • Lps Candy
    Lps Candy  6 hours ago

    I was at a public place and somebody was in the waiting room with me and they heard the bubble pops and noises from the slime and we're so confused and looked at me weirdly 😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅

  • emma lemma
    emma lemma  15 hours ago

    This is how many times she has said "aesthetically pleasing"

  • Lisa Otieno
    Lisa Otieno  yesterday +1

    If you put a thumbs 👎 please tell me why on the comments section

  • Michele Garcia
    Michele Garcia  3 days ago

    Well I went to the doctor and they said that I can’t play with slime anymore because the detergent it made my hands rip and red

  • Candice crisp 83
    Candice crisp 83  3 days ago

    I love the last package

  • Meh Gamez
    Meh Gamez  3 days ago

    If I trick U I get a like

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  • Aut Playz
    Aut Playz  3 days ago

    Who else though the on slime package 1
    most of the slimes matched her nails!
    and one else noticed that
    no? oh just me.

    JACK MEYERS  4 days ago

    I love the slime's they are sooooo good

  • Apna Des آپنڑاں دیس

    If you get fooled you have to like maybe plz

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  • UnicornAli Sanai
    UnicornAli Sanai  5 days ago

    I was just to buy from esty but never mine I'm glad I watched this thank you so much if you want slime just go on amonson prime

  • *Pink_ TeaGacha*
    *Pink_ TeaGacha*  6 days ago +1

    This is how much times Gillian said aesthetically pleasing

  • Drama Free Me
    Drama Free Me  7 days ago

    11:46 my opinion on this slime is, instead of using gold leaf, use pink colored ones instead, to keep it from discoloring

  • zz Squad bree
    zz Squad bree  7 days ago

    Your my fav persone pls give me a shoutout

  • Mrs Tariq
    Mrs Tariq  7 days ago

    Love you gillian wow i love how you coloured your nails like wow i loveyou and every single video you make love you gotta go bye slimes were great xxx🍭😍

  • Steve leggiero
    Steve leggiero  7 days ago


  • Ailyn Martinez
    Ailyn Martinez  7 days ago

    Do you need a email

  • Chloe Chai
    Chloe Chai  7 days ago

    😮 soooooo nice 👍 I wish I have all slime! But I just have two slime one is blue and one is green is not just colour it also have beads blue is snowflake ❄️ but it is small😐😭😅and the green one is lime

  • rachel jones
    rachel jones  7 days ago

    Love it

  • Akira Cossings
    Akira Cossings  14 days ago

    Okay... but why did archi slimes remind me of snoop slimes...