Molly Makes Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich with Bacon and Cheddar | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit



  • Molly Baz  (May 9, 2018))

    I mean....who can resist a Crispy McCrisperson Egg in a Hole bacon egg and cheese?!? Get after it and report back!

  • luis leal  (18 hours ago))

    Molly Baz molly your so cute, are you married ?

  • "This is a knife and fork kind of sandwich, if you hadn't noticed." challenge accepted.

  • Carla Music  (May 9, 2018))


  • antontronbon  (Jul 4, 2018))

    obsessed w the fact that your pic is natalie portman mid-coconut smash lmao

  • ryuujin74  (May 10, 2018))

    what are you making next can wait

  • V. Nhan  (May 9, 2018))

    Not gonna lie, that one piece of bread is severely toasted.. like burnt

  • Umaibo  (Dec 15, 2018))

    shut up

  • Julia  (Dec 11, 2018))

    I know people who love it that burned

  • brenley woodard  (May 9, 2018))

    Does brad ever cook besides it’s alive or does he just sit on the computer

  • Misan7hrope  (Nov 21, 2018))

    He watches hardcore porn, it's what he does.

  • Shayan Givehchian  (May 9, 2018))

    Yeah Andy whipping out some persian...

  • Mohammad Fletcher  (Aug 20, 2018))

    embrezar, that line translates to "egg in a bread". this one is "egg in bread": تخم‌مرغ در نانby the way, the dude that I don't know but apparently whose name is Andy, mispronounced the Farsi equivalent of the word "egg"... so if you found a pronunciation and in the beginning it doesn't sound like what he said, don't worry.

  • embrezar  (Jul 8, 2018))

    تخم مرغ در یک نانJust for the record, I don't speak or read Farsi. Just typed it to see if anyone actually understands what it says. The internet tells me it translates to "eggs in a bread." I can't hear it pronounced, though, so I don't know if it's the same thing Andy said.

  • Daniel A. Nilsson  (May 9, 2018))

    Seems like a good idea when doing eggs in each breadslice to offset the egg holes. That way you get full egg coverage throughout the sandwich instead of a double egg in the center.

  • Megann Christensen  (Jan 16, 2019))

    Was thinking the exact same thing!!

  • Tyler Vohs  (Oct 12, 2018))

    yeah, but that would not make as pretty of a cross section when cutting and showing the camera.

  • Callum Scott  (May 9, 2018))

    Molly is bae

  • Clark Ragay  (Dec 30, 2018))

    that's a compliment right? :D

  • Gobbersmack  (May 22, 2018))

    She's got that new wife second chin they always get.

  • Austin Thompson  (May 9, 2018))

    easy recipe. i'd like to see Molly struggle for a week trying to make something ridiculous lol it was a great job though.

  • CHAN-kun  (Jul 14, 2018))

    transcendtient I guess they leave the struggling parts to Claire. lolLove the ladies at BA. So full of good vibes. :3

  • Phil D  (Jul 11, 2018))

    Mark Anthony - You appear to be the only baby who thinks she burnt the toast.

  • David B  (May 9, 2018))

    Give me Claire or give me death

  • Djxkoxx F  (Aug 25, 2018))

    I support this comment.

  • TheMistLink  (Aug 22, 2018))

    Buddy do I have bad news for you...

  • Samston  (May 12, 2018))

    BA is killing it with these personalities. I don’t think there’s a single one I don’t like.