Dropped A Hammer On His Car! *I'm Sorry*

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 3, 2018
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  • Joe & Vana's Vlog
    Joe & Vana's Vlog  9 months ago +651

    Is it me or does it feel like Alex is going to surprise his brother with a new car soon, but is playing it off by accidentally damaging his old car.

  • Mika Ela
    Mika Ela  9 months ago +264

    After the break-up, Alex has done many immature, stupid and unusual things. Alex is not himself. I get that he is healing but destroying things? Aaron cried before! And he is doing it again!
    Yeah, it's a prank but Aaron has feelings too! Alex, if we are true fans we will support you.
    And I do, but not in these stuff.
    And dats the tea.
    [No hate, no shade. Just my opinion.]

  • Just Haya
    Just Haya  9 months ago +216

    I feel really bad for Aaron if he cried when u wrecked his car by accident just a little bit what do u think he’s gonna do if he knows u did this purposely when u could have just stopped at the table. Maybe u don’t see his car as expensive or better than ur car but in his eyes it’s a treasure to him and a memory and accomplishment

  • Donabel Go
    Donabel Go  9 months ago +214

    This is not a funny or positive vlog anymore. Dude what are you doing? 😶

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl  9 months ago +310

    Alex we love you, but your better than that. You remember how MAD Aaron got last time you messed up his car so pls don't do this again.

  • Carolinevels
    Carolinevels  9 months ago +166

    is it just me or did this whole video make you view Alex differently? Just because he got a scratch on his car he thought he could release his stress on Arons? and even if he plans to get Aron a new one, that car was in great shape to be sold to someone who needs it... I think the money is really getting to your head Alex, don't destroy precious things just because you're getting rid of them, Aron loved that car and doesn't care if you'd get him a new one.

  • Mika Ela
    Mika Ela  9 months ago +195

    Alex, I'm sorry but, for my opinion, you shouldn't do these stuff anymore. Since the break-up, your behavior started to change. You have been doing immature things. Yes, I get it that you are healing but, I think you don't want kids to watch this video as you being a social media influencer.
    You are a role model and hoping you would see this. We love you, Alex and we support you but not in these stuff.
    Just my opinion, no hate. Like if you agree!

  • Lila Noudi
    Lila Noudi  9 months ago +81

    I must admit, that was cringy, the whole thing with te cars...

  • Nobia :P
    Nobia :P  9 months ago +86

    Damn the comments on this vlog has a different vibe than I expected....

  • Hanskee Jose
    Hanskee Jose  9 months ago +53

    You know how much Aaron values this car and you’re being so insensitive.

  • Anisha
    Anisha  9 months ago +259

    I love Alex and everything, but this video just made me cringe so much (especially when he asked to hammer Aaron's car IN PRIVATE and then he tried to fix the dents with more clearly deliberate dents) and honestly now I just feel bad for Aaron. I didn't find it the least bit funny, and even if Alex is planning on buying Aaron a new car, wrecking his old one (which clearly means a lot to him based on the last time Alex wrecked it and Aaron was crying) is honestly not the best way to go about the surprise.

  • googlypub
    googlypub  9 months ago +39

    lets all go over to aaron's channel and give him a follow to help him feel better after this

  • Tanya Sriram
    Tanya Sriram  9 months ago +75

    Truly a disappointing video. What the hell man. U think u can act like a jerk. We get it u have a lot of money but don’t u think u can hurt others. I mean, come on ?? Pull urself together ok?? Please come back to us as ur fun goofy charming self not this reckless troublemaker. PLEASE

  • Natasa Bovan
    Natasa Bovan  9 months ago +57

    I love you Alex but after break up it seems like you're going crazy. You and Lauren said that you guys are breaking up to become better versions of yourself, but I think this break up is not good idea. You're running over cars with tank destroying your brother's car with hammer, turned Guppy blue ... It's obvious that you miss Lauren even tho there is K. (you know who I'm talking about 😑) Also in Laurens vlogs you can see that she is sad too but she doesn't show it as much as you. Hopefully you figure this out ❤️

  • i.purple.you.BTS
    i.purple.you.BTS  9 months ago +48

    Many people believe in fate/destiny, but I believe in choosing your own path and shaping your own future. I used to watch this channel for some light-hearted content after a long day at school, but now, I feel like watching your videos is harder than school. Don't get me wrong, I still love the channel, but the content and the choices that you have been making lately are.. questionable. I don't want to watch a well-loved individual to go down the wrong path by making a few silly decisions. Yes you may be hurting from past events, but decisions you make now will hurt you more in the long-term if choose the wrong one. Please take care and look after yourself and those around you. You don't want to lose those nearest and dearest to you because of a silly 'accident'. ❤️

  • Blandine Chaillou
    Blandine Chaillou  9 months ago +129

    I honestly don't know what to say about this vlog... This is not ok... I feel sorry for Aaron he didn't do anything except for being so nice and calm...

  • Daniela Marroquin
    Daniela Marroquin  9 months ago +28

    I’m kinda disappointed in the content. He already recked Aaron’s car once and it seems like he’s doing this on purpose to get views. Alex, this isn’t you. It almost seems like he didn’t even throw it up in the air. What if he just smashed it against the car on purpose. What if the car was just one that they rented to destroy. I just have so many questions right now. 🤦‍♀️

  • Googly Mason
    Googly Mason  9 months ago +89

    Alex, I don’t mean to be rude, but your behavior lately has been extremely immature and disrespectful. I get that you are trying to become a better version of yourself after the breakup, however this is not the way to do so. I am highly disappointed in you, as your recent actions have shown that you do not fully comprehend the fact that you are an influencer whose main audience is youth, which means that you impact the way that children around the world think and act. Also, in destroying your brother’s car, you are violating his human right dictated in article 17 of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ‘The right to your own things’, which basically means that everyone has a right to lawfully own anything that they want, and that no one can steal, demolish, destroy, or otherwise damage anyone’s lawful possessions. In other words, your brother can press charges against you for damaging his car. Please stop this behavior; it is in no way okay to continue acting this way.

  • Ella Beckner
    Ella Beckner  9 months ago +71

    Alex, you said that you were so grown up when you got your new haircut and your new house, but now (after you broke up with Lauren💔😢) you are acting like a little kid. You went around carelessly wrecking Aaron's car even though your friends were trying to stop you and you saw how upset he was THE FIRST TIME you wrecked his car in private. It seems like you only cared about yourself because after the first dent in your own car you stopped, but after the first dent in Aaron's car you kept going
    What point Alex! Was it for the views! If Lauren was here you probably wouldn't have done that! I am not intending to he rude I just want the old happy Alex back

  • Rainne Clemente
    Rainne Clemente  9 months ago +94

    Wht had Aaron done to you, first you painted his dog next destroying his car over and over again... Aaron didn't do anything except for being a nice and responsible brother
    I am once a WASSABIAN now its seems like my IDOL is Changing badly