10 Most Powerful Animals on Planet Earth

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 25, 2019
  • From the water and land to the air, here are the 10 most powerful animals in the world that can lift 100 times more weight than their own total. Subscribe To Our Channel : http://bit.ly/4EverGreen

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  • Rob12._
    Rob12._  8 hours ago +1

    Everybody gangsta until you step on a dung beetle

  • Aleksandar Adamov
    Aleksandar Adamov  10 hours ago

    It's SIBERIAN, not SERBIAN tiger

  • DarkGamer 09
    DarkGamer 09  10 hours ago

    Rhinoceros is animal its insect

  • DarkGamer 09
    DarkGamer 09  10 hours ago

    Rhinoceros is animal its insect

  • Todd Kelly
    Todd Kelly  10 hours ago

    Don't switch this narrator...he is so bad and so stupid that I sort of like him.

  • Todd Kelly
    Todd Kelly  11 hours ago


  • SpaceTurtle
    SpaceTurtle  yesterday

    Begins to say rhino beetles are the strongest beetle in the world..... later on, dung beetle is the strongest ever... something don’t add up

  • DJ beats 69
    DJ beats 69  yesterday

    5:21 WTF

  • EL Plagua
    EL Plagua  yesterday

    Elephants are the largest animal on the planet.? Lmfaooo what an idiot. I guess the ocean isn't part of the planet huh?

  • Mr Moth
    Mr Moth  yesterday

    Humans are. We can make all these species go extinct.

  • Gunsblazin94
    Gunsblazin94  yesterday

    Definitely sounds like one of those Russian owned channels that hire people to make videos for them. Some Russian person probably wrote the script for this, and the English speaking guy reads it. Sounds like it was written by an 8 year old for a science project. That would explain the abysmal sentence structure and grammar. The list sucks too. If the Rhinoceros beetle is supposedly number 2 in strength, why is it number 8 on the list? I guess they were going for strength per pound, which would make sense, since it has ants and beetles on here, but that doesn't explain the horrific order. This is one of those channels that's owned by a much larger conglomerate that uses this channel, and I'm sure many others, as a revenue stream

  • Rohit Shinde
    Rohit Shinde  2 days ago

    Glad to know that beetles and ants are more powerful than tiger.

  • Mark Rodriguez
    Mark Rodriguez  2 days ago

    Elephants are almost extinct from poachers

  • daniel trifoni
    daniel trifoni  2 days ago

    1 meter canine.... nah bro

  • Karl Marques
    Karl Marques  2 days ago

    How many poor eagles were sucked into the engines of SR-71 Blackbirds? Maybe it was rare. They do seem to fly nearly twice as high. More likely to smack the ISS

  • Jamal Stephon
    Jamal Stephon  2 days ago

    How on earth did they forget about Scooby Dog?

  • Karl Marques
    Karl Marques  2 days ago

    Serbian Tiger?🤨

  • Xshandell9 ROBLOX

    5:20 WTF

  • Muzzamil Ismail
    Muzzamil Ismail  2 days ago

    This man is dumb af

  • thaddeus buttmunch

    You know-the little beasties being stronger...I think it's a matter of Physics. Strength doesn't scale up well. Mass/Volume ratio??