Copart: Totaled supercars with almost NO DAMAGE sell cheap. Copart Rebuild Projects!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 26, 2019
  • In today's video I am showing you guys 5 cars that were at Copart Auto Auction and they had very minor damage. The cars you will be seeing are Nissan GTR Nismo, Nissan GTR base, Ferrari California, Ferrari 488, Mercedes Benz AMG GTR, Ferrari FF.Find the true history of Salvage Auction Cars: MeSnapchat: John_StaxTwitter: thanks to my favorite youtubers who inspired me:Samcrac, Goonzquad, Tavarish and B is for Build. And most recently TJ Hunt since he purchased a 458.


  • Trilateral Commission
    Trilateral Commission  6 months ago +597

    Ferrari California got sold because wife wanted it blue

  • Vehicle Virals
    Vehicle Virals  6 months ago +609

    That AMG GTR moment thoo 😍

  • Rainy-II
    Rainy-II  6 months ago +424

    That carbon GTR was a total steal!

  • cloud ix
    cloud ix  6 months ago +297

    If I had the amg I would of just drove it with its battle scar.

  • edwin de guzman
    edwin de guzman  6 months ago +245

    No one's buying the ferrari cuz the maintenance will kill them.

  • Edmond
    Edmond  6 months ago +198

    Mercedes AMG GT is the best buy

  • Brian Tucker
    Brian Tucker  2 months ago +31

    Every 10,000 miles,that Ferrari needs a timing belt. You need to remove motor to do this. $15,000

  • Dominic nagy
    Dominic nagy  6 months ago +81

    Ferrari— Because it was sitting on the lot to long and no one had enough to get so they send it over to auction

  • Gazza
    Gazza  yesterday

    If me and my dad got that gtr we would fix it not just cover the dmg we would do everything even banging the back panel out

  • g s
    g s  1 months ago +22

    I’m still waiting to see the cheap cars with no damage.

  • Jose Fernandez
    Jose Fernandez  6 months ago +9

    IMO the FF wasn’t such good value. You can find those for just a little more with a clean title, or buy an earlier one and spend even less. Depending on mechanical condition, the regular R35 would be a great candidate for a track car. Just slap one some carbon doors, get a pair of TE37s and do a nice checkup/tuneup.

  • Leo Lee
    Leo Lee  6 months ago +78

    75g for a farrari, another 100g for the repairs lol

  • Ralph Burrows
    Ralph Burrows  6 months ago +36

    #y10 6matrix9
     that green benz looks like the best deal to me. plus its a car you dont see every day.

  • NickZtech
    NickZtech  6 months ago +129

    So glad I went with you and bought my project Audi S5 at Copart

  • sucheth s
    sucheth s  6 months ago +40

    Hi john.. I work in India as procurement role is to bid on these salvage cars present in copart auction... As per my experience.. Go for the cars with run and drive conditions.. And with insured cars to be on safer side.. You might feel its a small damage for some cars but these are super cars having a very high repair and parts cost so its always better to total loss the cars... And about that Ferrari it's a undercarriage damage.. This kind of damage on long run will have more impact and expenses on suspension system, steering and alignment problems with lower strength of other under carriage damage

  • Derikimi
    Derikimi  2 months ago +3

    That AMG looks so damn aggressive.

  • Jakob Benz
    Jakob Benz  6 months ago +3

    I just want to buy one to have it in my garage. Not to drive it lol

  • at rem79
    at rem79  5 months ago +21

    sadly you can hear him reading it up. which makes it very boring to hear

  • Janith Dasunpriya
    Janith Dasunpriya  6 months ago +29

    i'll take the AMG !

  • Faxeled TM
    Faxeled TM  2 months ago +2

    Undercarriage damage was why the ferrari was being sold cheap