How I turn $300 cars into $1800 cars - Flying Wheels -

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • My trade ins are typically $300-$400. But, after we are finished with them, they are listed for an average of around $1800. Here is what we do to make a 400% profit selling cheap cars. .Follow our day to day @ license car auction public wholesale cars for sale used car lot financing free money make money get rich flipping cars How to sell a car on youtube craigslist the internet faster create a youtube channel make money on youtube selling flipping cars with or without a dealer license you can buy cars wholesale at auction or private and start a business doing this. best way to sell a used car how to use facebook marketplace how to create a facebook business page how to use ad manager how to list a car for sale instead of trading it in to carmax and find the value sell on amazon facebook marketplace ebay etsy poshmark online without a title with a lien in any state eviews specs and values for sale and how to buy cars wholesale at auction and get a dealer licensehow to make money selling flipping cars for profit get a dealers license get into dealer only car auctions start a car dealership buy cars at wholesale become a millionaire Doug Demuro Stradman Street speed717 hoovies garage cletus macfarland car Sales 101 Gary Vee Vaynerchuck Flying Wheels Custom Mod Engine change your oil fix your own car Service NIADA Las Vegas Convention carmax cargurus autotrader kelly blue book kbb carfax autocheck New 2020 Mid Engine Corvette


  • Gp
    Gp  1 months ago +80

    Please stop with all the background music

  • jackie reinstedler

    As I suspected, detailing ads so much value to a car!😊 I once detailed my SUV then decided to sell it. It sold easily:)

  • T Hare
    T Hare  yesterday

    If you could be so kind to send some of these people with gross vehicles that sell for $300 my way that would be great. I can't find anything less than a $1000 that doesn't have a blown engine or transmission.

  • carfaxts daily
    carfaxts daily  1 months ago +37

    1:17 prepare to get ear banged if youre wearing headphones.

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy  1 months ago +14

    If I'm not mistaken, I remember Alyssa buying a car not that long ago, did she end up asking for a job? These thirst traps are crazy about her, have her start being main attraction in videos and your views will skyrocket.

  • mike scott
    mike scott  2 days ago

    Hey does she have her own detailing business? My truck needs detailed😂

  • Jake
    Jake  1 months ago +31

    More Alyssa less rambling! Lets see more of her getting sweaty polishing the jalopy trade-ins

  • carfaxts daily
    carfaxts daily  1 months ago +32

    Some good video content would be of Alissa detaling cars, showing step by step what she does.

  • Simon Erdinc
    Simon Erdinc  14 days ago +5

    You look like the american version of Gordon Ramsay

  • Fischnet
    Fischnet  1 months ago +1

    Buy your detail girl a Kirby Sentria with all of the attachments used for like $400, those vacuum jobs will go a lot faster.

  • ZL-1 Steve
    ZL-1 Steve  1 months ago +24

    More Alyssa Please

  • lamar chapman
    lamar chapman  1 months ago +1

    Use a single edge razor blades to pull it out of the fiber it will come out easy AF

  • Smooth Rider
    Smooth Rider  28 days ago +1

    Looks like you do a good business. Used dealers in my area are trying to sell those $1800 cars for $3999

  • John Moore
    John Moore  1 months ago +2

    What did she do to restore that driver seat? I'd like to see a video about that

  • Zeke Bones
    Zeke Bones  1 months ago +1

    If you get 12 calls on a Truck hours after listing it then you should have listed it for a bit more lol. No shame in charging what people will pay

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy  1 months ago +2

    Dude id buy that seinna all day for 300!

  • Bob K.
    Bob K.  1 months ago +1

    Alyssa, try a pumice stone. You're WELCOME

  • Chris Page
    Chris Page  1 months ago +8

    It’s not a dealership fault if a customer only has 1500 to buy a running car that isn’t perfect as long as you checked it completely and are honest with them about any issues. I thinks It up to them to keep shopping if they need to. Thank you for the reminder of how this business rolls Flying Wheels.

  • diasd ofsdfn
    diasd ofsdfn  1 months ago +11

    My girlfriend would not approve of this chick working for me LMFAO

  • Boosted C7 Z06
    Boosted C7 Z06  21 days ago +5

    You need a new painter 👨‍🎨, that fender isn’t shiny