College Kid from Jeopardy Reacts To FBE Reacts To Being A Jeopardy Answer

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 23, 2018
  • FBE Reacts to Being an Answer on Jeopardy reacted to by the Girl who knew the answer! Original link below!
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    The Girl who answered the FBE question on Jeopardy Reacts to FBE
    reacting to her on Jeopardy! Watch to see her Reaction!

    Content featured:
    We Were An Answer On The TV show Jeopardy!

    Reactors featured:
    Alli Ross

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    College Kid from Jeopardy Reacts To FBE Reacts To Being A Jeopardy Answer


  • FBE
    FBE  a years ago +156

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  • sara karimi
    sara karimi  a years ago

    I watched the show live lol

  • Kae Walters
    Kae Walters  a years ago +20

    She's such a sweetheart

  • vilujidiot
    vilujidiot  a years ago

    GO HAWKS!!

  • DMCEagles05
    DMCEagles05  a years ago

    She acts JUUUUST like my Colleague. ironically this guest is also in college

  • I forgot my name
    I forgot my name  a years ago


  • collincaptures
    collincaptures  a years ago +3

    REACT TO “Roast yourself harder/Honestly,” - Gabbie Hana !! Plz!!

  • labyrinthgirl17
    labyrinthgirl17  a years ago +1

    Love the show, not such a big fan of the host.

  • Gaming Postman
    Gaming Postman  a years ago

    Watching this video was almost as enjoyable as one of my own video's.

  • TheGWGamerHD
    TheGWGamerHD  a years ago +6

    I watched this episode with my parents!!! I knew it and they were like...OH YEAH!! THAT'S THE CHANNEL YOU LIKE TO WATCH! I was so happy!!!!

  • Bruno H
    Bruno H  a years ago +3

    React to clout cobain

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres  a years ago +2

    Have college kids react to juice wrld

  • Wow Wut
    Wow Wut  a years ago +5

    Jeopardy still airs? where have i been?

  • Kookie4Laifu
    Kookie4Laifu  a years ago +1

    Ayyyy I’m going to wpi this fall!!

  • Erik Nelson
    Erik Nelson  a years ago +2

    WPI alum whoooo

  • Lil Sean
    Lil Sean  a years ago +4

    React isn't in this title

  • Prinz Jakob
    Prinz Jakob  a years ago +2

    A shot for every like.

  • LookOutForNargles
    LookOutForNargles  a years ago +3

    This just popped into my head, but I feel like DangThat'sALongName/Smajor1995 would be great at this. He's so eccentric and over-the-top in the best way that his reactions would be amazing. Plus, who doesn't love his accent?

  • [hoseok's halo]
    [hoseok's halo]  a years ago +4

    I was watching when this specific question came on. 😁

  • shoot fire outta ma eyes

    She is cool. She should be on more.