Top 5 Strongest Players in NBA History

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 12, 2016
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    Shaq Vs Wilt article:

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  • Skippy Lance
    Skippy Lance  an hour ago

    Speaker is wrong. Chamberlain bench pressed 600 lb in his prime (100 lb more than Shaq's 500 lb in his prime). Wilt bench-pressed "only" 500 lb when he was 50 years old! Also in his latter playing years, Wilt weighed around 300 lb (as he himself reported)--all muscle.

  • B. Keith Logan
    B. Keith Logan  14 hours ago

    Darryl Dawkins, Moses Malone, Akeem Olagjiwon

  • Rich McIntyre
    Rich McIntyre  23 hours ago

    Much respect to a young man like you even knowing who Wilt is. At my gym, I'm 70, I was talking to the young men about B-ball from my time and none, not 1 knew who Wilt was. When I told them he once scored 100 points they were in shock. When Wilt was in high school he used to play with a pro team under an assumed name. If you look at the NBA record book you will see that Wilt still holds more individual records than any other player and he played his last game in 1973!! The man was truly amazing.

  • haremglock
    haremglock  4 days ago

    Karl Malone is a pedo

  • Albert Archer
    Albert Archer  4 days ago

    Ben Wallace was benching 475lbs when he won his 1st ring. Shaq never did that much.

  • Scott Lawrence
    Scott Lawrence  4 days ago

    9:11 goaltending

  • Kevin Mosley
    Kevin Mosley  4 days ago

    Left a guy out who did a great job on shaq Dennis Rodman he ran like a deer and one of the only ones that could stand with shaq

  • Ominous Twinkie
    Ominous Twinkie  5 days ago

    I will always remember Wilt for averaging more points a game than there are in a game

  • Ty Phipps
    Ty Phipps  7 days ago

    Wilt the stilt was the greatest ever not knocking jordan next lol

  • Alex Flores
    Alex Flores  7 days ago

    Dennis Rodman?

  • Rage Booncoon
    Rage Booncoon  7 days ago

    No Steven Adams??

  • Dale Press
    Dale Press  7 days ago

    Moses malone and darryl dawkins were stronger than barkley

  • Dale Press
    Dale Press  7 days ago

    How is reggie miller not on this list?

  • SS85
    SS85  7 days ago

    Didnt watch video, just came to comment, Wilt Chamberlain strongest nba player no doubt.

  • Justin Rakestraw
    Justin Rakestraw  7 days ago

    Dennis Rodman was deceptively strong and wasn’t on the list. He held Shaq in check when the Bulls won.

  • Justin Rakestraw
    Justin Rakestraw  7 days ago

    Shaq was stronger than Wilt. It’s insane to say Wilt was stronger. Wilt dominated because he was so much taller than anyone else in a league that was much shorter than today’s NBA.

  • Emerald Stevens
    Emerald Stevens  7 days ago

    Wilt was good but not even close to the strongest in the NBA ever LoL

  • sean kelly
    sean kelly  7 days ago

    Wilt never nor has ANY player in the NBA benched 500 fucking pounds. He’s on tape saying he benched 600lbs. I don’t think you understand how elite that is. I can see Shaq maybe benching close to 400. But the simple fact is these are monster numbers and a man dedicated to running and shooting a basketball simply does not need the kind of strength required to move weight in the direction attributed to chest pressing. 500lb bench presses are even somewhat rare in the NFL. And the lineman that CAN do that have a distinct reason for training those muscles. It directly equates to success at their positions.

  • David Hammond
    David Hammond  7 days ago

    Dude is that your face or did your neck throw up

  • Manuel Álvarez Cotrina

    And Moses Malone?