Switching Lives with Jeffree Star

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
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  • shane
    shane  4 months ago +8487

    PART 4 UP NOW! https://cnclips.net/video/9q2PgfYbppY/video.html

    • Jessica Ward
      Jessica Ward  7 days ago

      shane are you shocked after this whole thing

    • Shenia Broadbent
      Shenia Broadbent  7 days ago

      Did any one notice when he said "SHANE" he did it it in his dark voice Ψ(≧ω≦)Ψ I'm hungry lol

    • TheGirlAl xoxo
      TheGirlAl xoxo  15 days ago

      shane it is basically queen bee (Jeffree) and then you... The wannabe.

    • girl power12354
      girl power12354  16 days ago


    • blast2fire
      blast2fire  16 days ago

      This video is so awesome! Keep up the good work Shane :)

  • Rainie Veronica Tan
    Rainie Veronica Tan  45 minutes ago

    8:34 hahahahah

  • Amber McBroom
    Amber McBroom  58 minutes ago

    This video series is amazing! @jeffreestar I didn't know who you were before this. But now I feel like you are a genuinely awesome person. You are beautiful both inside and out. I don't wear makeup often but I feel like your cosmetics would be a good buy. @shane you are hilarious and I love your channel.

  • ericong8177
    ericong8177  an hour ago

    Why does Shane look kinda like Bebe rexha. Like if ya agree

  • rosi .
    rosi .  an hour ago

    litterly best duo ever .

  • Abby Tombs
    Abby Tombs  an hour ago +1

    Jefree is so inspiring. Knowing that he went through all of that just really makes me admire him a lot more. Of course I don't know about rents costings and all that stuff because i'm only twelve, but my mum has strugles with it soeyimes. And yeah, Thanks for being amazing Jefree :)))))

  • [Batman] [The Dark Knight]


  • Grace Shig
    Grace Shig  2 hours ago

    Just when I thought James and Jeffery were the best duo on YouTube

  • Mckenna Riley
    Mckenna Riley  2 hours ago

    When Shane is Ellen I am truly blown away by this Shane has changed lives Jeffree is amazing he has improved so much and he is an amazing person ❤️

  • Javier Caraballo
    Javier Caraballo  2 hours ago

    No offence but jefree looks like a girl in the mirror part 😐

  • Kayce Happy Place
    Kayce Happy Place  2 hours ago

    This is really touching.

  • emma Morganstern
    emma Morganstern  3 hours ago

    Jefree life in the dreeeeeaaaammmm house!

  • Miya Bradley
    Miya Bradley  3 hours ago

    I was in tears and I realized that I love Jeffree star (as a friend)

  • Miya Bradley
    Miya Bradley  3 hours ago

    I fricken love this

  • Gay Slytherin
    Gay Slytherin  3 hours ago

    That bag is more than my self worth xD

  • Amaiya Conway
    Amaiya Conway  3 hours ago

    at 8:34 Jeffree's mouth misses the straw

  • Breanna Vasconcelos

    You are gay

  • Mac Achee
    Mac Achee  4 hours ago

    Do more like this

  • Kelsi Lynn
    Kelsi Lynn  4 hours ago

    Shane looks completely different oml

  • Sofia Petrozza
    Sofia Petrozza  5 hours ago

    yo on a real level Nate is actually deadass hot