Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Dodge Hellcat Part 14



  • Rashed Beats  (Sep 23, 2018))

    I gotta say That hellcat shining brighter than my future😂

  • xempt. one  (Sep 23, 2018))

    +Martijn van Stiphout tangerine orange looks good on forklifts

  • Rashed Beats  (Sep 23, 2018))

    +Martijn van Stiphout 😂👍

  • beast from the east  (Sep 23, 2018))

    Nice guys, piece of advice put gutters on the front y'all are basically at ground level with the concrete pad . A heavy rain and water is going to come in under the doors. I have that problem now. Run down spouts down the side's out the back so no puddling in front I see one place water is going to be another problem is top of garage doors the top trim pieces in the corners should have been notched to over lap the sides pieces. Simple fix take scrap seal to the top piece on ends don't put them on bt...

  • beast from the east  (Sep 23, 2018))

    +goonzquad just looking out for you and the stable of horse power

  • goonzquad  (Sep 23, 2018))

    beast from the east That’s a great piece of advice!!!!

  • Robert Humphrey  (21 hours ago))

    We need to get these guys on Amazon Prime! The Grand Tour presents Jeremy Clarkson and the goonzquad!

  • Martijn van Stiphout  (Sep 23, 2018))

    Do me a favor. Make your forklift a 'Goonzquad' forklift. Sand the body. Make it a hot color and make the rims the same color. A sort of FORKLIFT REBUILDING!😇

  • NoxXx Pvt.  (Sep 23, 2018))

    #GoonzquadAnd3M Let's promote this tag, for a 3M sponsorship video!!!

  • Av8tore71  (Sep 23, 2018))

    You all should make up a huge sign above the 2 garage doors that says GOONZQUAD GARAGE

  • Alex Zus Lhuke  (Sep 24, 2018))

    GG Goonz Garage

  • Cailan Hess  (Sep 24, 2018))

    I commented that and then started reading comments and saw this. Great minds think alike 😂

  • ♛King Pat♛  (Sep 23, 2018))

    Who is that girl at 18:21 who peeks then hides

  • Ivan G.  (Jan 12, 2019))

    Lol "who peeks then hides"

  • Salman Adnan  (Sep 25, 2018))

    I saw her

  • Gage simpson  (Sep 23, 2018))

    You should do a checkered pattern plastic tile floor.

  • Srikaar Lalla  (Sep 23, 2018))

    Last time I was this early the jeep was still wrecked 😂😂😂

  • Cristhian Razo  (Sep 23, 2018))

    Damn y’all need to come and paint my car bro 🙏🏻 I need that goonzquad touch 👌