Epic Chillstep | Andy Leech - The Journey

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
  • Another amazing chillstep track from Andy Leech!⇩⇩⇩Support: https://andyleechmusic.bandcamp.com/t...Andy Leech: http://soundcloud.com/andyleechmusic http://facebook.com/andyleechmusic http://twitter.com/andyleechmusic http://instagram.com/andyleechmusic https://open.spotify.com/artist/5rz0W...http://andyleechmusic.bandcamp.com Mixhound: https://www.facebook.com/Mixhound https://www.twitter.com/Mixhound https://soundcloud.com/mixhoundArtwork: https://www.deviantart.com/daisanart/...


  • MixHound
    MixHound  a years ago +53

    Hope you all have a good weekend 💙

  • Vespian Doom
    Vespian Doom  a years ago +55

    Wow the chills.. the imagery provokes the feeling of wandering through a desolate world of soot and ash, seemingly the last living being there... I could only imagine the suffocating isolation one would succumb to in that dire reality. To be the only one who sees the folly of selfish greed and human corruption of the soul.. A monument to the final sin of humanity.

  • Son Jnow
    Son Jnow  a years ago +41

    Haunting image, could make a horror movie from it. Epic stuff.

  • da randomator
    da randomator  a years ago +17

    I haven't heard an Andy Leech song since 2016.
    My favorite is Solar Fields.

  • MixHound
    MixHound  a years ago +22

    An epic & mysterious piece of chillstep from Andy Leech!

  • Darren P.
    Darren P.  a years ago +21

    I’ve always loved the contrasty characters of plague doctors. Although they had a scary appearance, they were kind-hearted trying to reach out to the sick people, both the wealthy and the poor.

  • ThePalatineHill
    ThePalatineHill  9 months ago +9

    and so walked scp 049 upon a blightened death strewn field...

  • Lueyable
    Lueyable  21 days ago +2

    4:09 is greatest drop I’ve heard my heart stopped flatline

  • CranKeDJoe
    CranKeDJoe  7 days ago

    Great work Andy, keep going what you're doing ❤😊

  • RiqCrow
    RiqCrow  1 months ago +1

    "I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.."

  • Makender KCS
    Makender KCS  a years ago +2

    amazing, enjoy your channel a lot

  • Eagle Fanatic04
    Eagle Fanatic04  4 months ago +5

    This the type of music Buddha would listen to under the Bodhi tree

  • HakerSmacker
    HakerSmacker  7 days ago +1

    School starts tomorrow and I don't really wanna go :c

  • Ahmet Yazıcı
    Ahmet Yazıcı  9 months ago +1

    Only 32k people could reach that amazing moment and as for me its pretty sad

  • Restrain3D Nutt3R
    Restrain3D Nutt3R  a years ago +5

    Masterpiece of a track, And im loving that pic as well <3

  • Angel D
    Angel D  1 months ago

    Awesomeness! Thank you..☺💖

  • Michael Romasko
    Michael Romasko  4 months ago

    Reminds me of the music from Halo 3: ODST

  • GTA Shewtr
    GTA Shewtr  2 months ago

    22 dose heads couldnt handle the trip and opted out xD

  • Prudence Hansen
    Prudence Hansen  6 months ago

    Epic!!!! Purely Blissful

  • MrScaryJoe
    MrScaryJoe  6 months ago +2

    This song is just so perfect, no words so describe it