W4UYE / SASQ: The Least Expensive HF Option for SOTA Ops, the (tr)uSDX 5-Band QRP Radio - June 2022

  • Published on:  Thursday, June 23, 2022
  • The (tr)uSDX from DL2MAN and PE1NNZ has been out for about a year. I've owned mine for about 3 months, and though using it, I do believe that this is the least expensive viable option for a new ham interested in trying QRP HF on a SOTA activation. Combine with the Spark Plug Gear Spark Plug EFHW and a resonant wire, I've gotten SSB contacts as far away as Brazil and Asiatic Russia. Though it lacks some more advanced features: it's compact, it uses very little current, and it works. Definitely worth a look.

    More about the (tr)uSDX here: https://dl2man.de/

    Join the (tr)uSDX FB group here: /groups/trusdx

    More about Spark Plug Gear here: https://www.sparkpluggear.com/

    My set-up add ons listed below:

    Case: https://a.co/d/gll3qfF

    Battery: https://a.co/d/5594RSg

    Speaker: https://a.co/d/2zqIrJb