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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 1, 2018
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  • FBE
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  • GalaxyGoop
    GalaxyGoop  a years ago +3707

    So happy Jaiden is getting more comfortable showing her face!

  • iClaimThisName
    iClaimThisName  a years ago +3199

    James, Jaiden AND Domics! Is this heaven?

  • Kermit Kermit
    Kermit Kermit  a years ago +1071

    Anyone else clicked because of Jaiden?

  • Kate The KitKat
    Kate The KitKat  a years ago +2293

    James and Jaiden such a good bromance, like, I just can't.

  • abby n
    abby n  a years ago +760

    james jaiden and dom representing the animation community

    XNANSUX 1  a years ago +460

    The odds1out got his dream of reacting here

  • Singing Duckling
    Singing Duckling  a years ago +200

    look at james and jaden looking cute together

  • Sergio Alday
    Sergio Alday  a years ago +583

    Seeing james & Jaiden together makes my heart happy

  • Kate The KitKat
    Kate The KitKat  a years ago +1206

    "Youtubers react to top 10 most viewed Youtube videos of all time"
    I sleep
    "(Non Music Videos)"
    I WOKE

  • 케이트Kate
    케이트Kate  a years ago +371

    Jaiden, James and Domics, my life is complete

  • ellie's art dump
    ellie's art dump  a years ago +302

    i wonder why they always put james and jaiden together.....

  • O Rei do Iêiêiê
    O Rei do Iêiêiê  a years ago +811

    Out of all those youtubers I just know James and Jaiden

  • guacamole
    guacamole  a years ago +219

    saw Jaiden,clicked,saw James and Domics,passed out

  • Att
    Att  a years ago +168

    I know she probably wont care but JAIDEN

  • dijon
    dijon  a years ago +265

    i see jaiden i click

  • Chan Dra
    Chan Dra  a years ago +147

    so we won't be seeing five reuploads of despacito? hahaha

  • Worf
    Worf  a years ago +479

    How did Jaiden Animations go from not wanting to show her face to going on Youtubers React?

  • Jamin Stern
    Jamin Stern  a years ago +37

    James: I wonder if Gavin is watching this
    Jaiden: hi gavin

  • Milkitalix
    Milkitalix  a years ago +112

    Jaiden and James together!? And dominics too!!