Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Dodge Hellcat Part 3

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 26, 2018
  • Rebuilding a wrecked car is something most would consider abnormal! For the Goonzquad however, this is something we enjoy. As we start repairing and rebuilding this 2017 Dodge Hellcat, we find many things we did not notice before. We are learning a whole lot and are happy to take you along for the ride! Thanks For Watching!!!

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  • Hiiveilu Ng  (Aug 26, 2018))

    Awesome one of the best YouTube channel Guys who’s with me ?Hit a like if u agree

  • Frank Murray  (Jan 7, 2019))

    Coming on someone else's channel trying to get likes about liking their content? Pretty cheesy man

  • Mistah Allen  (Oct 25, 2018))

    Honestly tho. 💪💪🗣

  • Jason A  (Aug 26, 2018))

    Your buddy at the frame shop is a great worker. Its refreshing to see young people working hard and keeping trades alive. Keep doing what you're doing boys, no where except up from here.

  • Alberto L  (Dec 26, 2018))

    Me too, great example for young men. Instead of receiving handouts from your parents.

  • andrew geary  (Nov 22, 2018))

    I was thinking the same thing. You don't see many young kids busting ass like he does its nice to see!

  • Raznva  (Aug 26, 2018))

    Great job Fella's !!!I've been doin bodywork for the past 30 years...heavy collision,for the last 20. I know pro frame guys that would have sectioned that rail without doing the inner structure.Whoever that boy...(man) is at the frame shop needs a raise...GREAT job guys !!!

  • ile911  (Feb 6, 2019))

    +C Brown I think he done some sectioning but I think he definitely left some one

  • C Brown  (Dec 28, 2018))

    Nobody is gonna point out he cut thru 3 layers of metal and 4 in some spots and only welded the outer. There is a reason for sectioning and that is to maintain structural integrity during a collision. like said above if there isnt a sectioning procedure the rail must be replaced.

  • stephen Gordon  (Aug 26, 2018))

    Be good friends with that frame guy, he is treating you right. He knows what he's doing !

  • Alberto L  (Dec 26, 2018))

    The frame workers and mechanics always get all the money. The guys filming just get to show off their car.

  • RUBEN RAUSEO  (Nov 3, 2018))

    Where's is this body shop located??need some work done

  • 1 Savage  (Aug 26, 2018))

    You guys should pay Thomas more for all the hard work he does 😂

  • Petey Pon  (Oct 31, 2018))

    He now gonna start thinking,hell I can become a Hellcat too,,,,,,,damn I fell sorry for those felines,lol

  • Francisco Molina  (Aug 26, 2018))

    The frame work guy has a gift highly talented. Tell him to make a YouTube channel

  • Zack Sherman  (Aug 26, 2018))

    Oo hell yea I subscribed to him now!

  • Sudheer M.S  (Aug 26, 2018))

    Francisco Molina yes .Check for mustang frame work of him for goonzsquad..

  • 510B  (Aug 26, 2018))

    You guys need a tv show or Netflix show

  • WOWscope! BD  (Nov 16, 2018))

    Hell Yeah!!!!

  • Evan George  (Sep 30, 2018))

    That's what I said

  • bLOsK_323  (Aug 26, 2018))

    🇲🇽 mexican fan here 🔥🔥🔥 that frame railer guy is a beast 🦁

  • Tillo Tube  (Sep 25, 2018))

    Apenas me estoy aventando los maratones de goonzquad.

  • Tony01 kross  (Aug 29, 2018))

    Ya somos 2

  • Mr.G Disabled2Able  (Aug 26, 2018))

    That framer is amazing. So happy to see talent like this around now days. You guys learning and doing some amazing work!! Well done, cant wait to see final results

  • D M  (Aug 26, 2018))

    Yes! I was hoping Frame Bro was gonna be in this build....missed him in the Vette series. I went and watched the mustang all nighter vid again. So epic.

  • Z R  (Aug 26, 2018))

    I dont know why but he's like the automotive Zach Efron somehow.