CHILI MOMOS(Dumplings) & INSANE Kebabs! Local Food Tour of Kolkata India

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 23, 2018
  • On my second day in Kolkata, I went to a few must-try restaurants that you guys suggested, and of course more Bengali cuisine! It was a good day(:

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    1:00 Dacre's Lane - Chicken Soup
    3:20 Peter Cat - Chelo Kebab

    7:48 Blue Poppy - Chili Pork and Momos

    12:00 Oudh 1590 - Biryani, parathas, kebab

    18:50 Oh! Calcutta - Bengali Cuisine

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  • jacquelyn duong
    jacquelyn duong  8 hours ago

    Do you ever get food poisoning?

  • Pradip Maji
    Pradip Maji  5 days ago

    I like your way of saying " This is a Kosa Mangso"
    You r doing a great work man keep it up
    Only need to mention the Restaurant name and Addresses of the Restaurant so that we can to visit...If possible

  • Mabin Panday
    Mabin Panday  5 days ago

    Caption is About MoMo but no Momo in Video!!!

  • Sr M
    Sr M  6 days ago

    Kolkata has ample of good food but also ample bad foods... even a local guide can't tell you with cent percent accuracy...

  • KALS 15
    KALS 15  7 days ago

    He look likes Jackie Chan

  • Nikh Breezy
    Nikh Breezy  7 days ago

    Someone fooled mike ain't no food was bengali food

  • Mr. NoName
    Mr. NoName  7 days ago

    How does he eat so perfectly ?! Like he just KNOWS how to combine different stuff and make it even more of a tasty experience ! Mikey you're a TRUE foodie💜

  • Arghya Paul
    Arghya Paul  14 days ago

    Only kolkata Biryani🍲contains egg and potato and that's what makes it special... 😋😘
    Lucci and Chosa Mangsho are the heart and soul of Bengali people

  • Rubina Rai
    Rubina Rai  14 days ago

    Yummy food 😘

  • Joe Hitoshi
    Joe Hitoshi  14 days ago

    The restaurants look decent. but i wouldnt eat them street food. i saw many ew videos of indian street food. sorry

  • Satyavrat Tyagi
    Satyavrat Tyagi  14 days ago

    You don't dip the bhatura, you collect the dal in it and then eat

  • Gyalzen Sherpa
    Gyalzen Sherpa  14 days ago

    New subscriber here btw where is that sikkim house in kolkata where

  • satyajit/eng Sautya
    satyajit/eng Sautya  14 days ago +1

    You need some chopsticks. But here in India it's might not available in every where

  • Zuchi Roy
    Zuchi Roy  14 days ago +1

    I guess after eating from the best places in our city u have surely fallen in love with our city and even with it's people .....
    Our city tends to give a little bit of own tinge of taste in every cities and countries food and that's heavenly 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • jazz tine
    jazz tine  21 days ago

    i love indian foods!

  • Nana Nana
    Nana Nana  21 days ago

    omg you were in kolkata when inwas working there. should've known.

  • Blog With shreya
    Blog With shreya  21 days ago

    Come our state pleasee

  • Samuel John
    Samuel John  21 days ago

    I am drooling, listening to the description of Peter cat's dish !!

  • Maya S
    Maya S  28 days ago

    You've gotta try my mom's Bengali cooking!!! Love from Dallas, TX!

  • Suman Chaudhury
    Suman Chaudhury  28 days ago

    Gandu 😆