Giving Strangers The iPhone 11 For Answering This Question Correctly..

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 22, 2019





  • Hafeez Ulla
    Hafeez Ulla  an hour ago

    Give me 1i phone please call 8660802678

  • Josie mauricio
    Josie mauricio  3 hours ago

    Hi #bigdawsTv,greeting frm philippines,can i have iphone also for my son here in philippines,hopefully you can seen my comment,thank you

  • Cam_bam _
    Cam_bam _  13 hours ago

    Y’all giving out money and iPhones but what about the homeless

  • Anna Kadieva
    Anna Kadieva  18 hours ago

    Asia is not a continent, sorry

  • Kryptic Code
    Kryptic Code  20 hours ago

    The people who got the LeBron James championships question were so lucky but they failed

  • Amirul Adam
    Amirul Adam  22 hours ago

    Can you give me a random 50$ for me as a student 😭😂

  • Charlot 230 MSP!

    I want one too :(

  • technical girl
    technical girl  yesterday

    Please give me iPhone I am Indian I have no personal phone please 🥺🥺

  • Karlo Matek
    Karlo Matek  yesterday +3

    Girl: is it purple?
    Girl: Then I don't want it

  • taimouw K
    taimouw K  yesterday

    You should not be making fun of somebody who has the "older" iphone, they're actually smarter then you because they have better things to invest in

  • lester mallari
    lester mallari  yesterday

    This is legit or scripted ?
    Pls let me win im at philippines if i win can i really get that one ??? How

  • NurseMeHenry
    NurseMeHenry  yesterday

    I missed the last 4 💀

  • IsntMeLol
    IsntMeLol  yesterday

    6:46 how do you not know that? We learn dinosaurs when we are toddlers.


    Its a word from another language (I forgot) that means flying

  • Navy Vet713
    Navy Vet713  yesterday

    Love the Houston Rockets Shirt

  • Biren Limbu
    Biren Limbu  yesterday


  • παγαη παςει παςυ

    can u please give me one?? i dnt have any phone

  • Beau Emmerich
    Beau Emmerich  yesterday

    “You’re so much closer, everyone starts it with a t”
    “Yea, that’s weird”
    8:44, knowing that there is a silent p is weird

  • Barat
    Barat  yesterday

    Ohh..the man miss for only one r😟

  • Jack
    Jack  2 days ago

    9:30 should have given him a pair of eyebrows instead

  • Xyr Gaming
    Xyr Gaming  2 days ago

    Hello dude. im a big fan. keep it up dude. hope i can have iPhone too. you fan from Philippines.. :)