Mellow Jazz Music - Relaxing Music For Sleep, Study, Work - Background Cafe Music

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 3, 2018
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  • Panama Rose  11 months ago

    I never dreamed that I would love this kind of music as you get older you understand the quality of music and what value and the value of music

  • Uncle Ruckus  18 days ago

    Panama Rose your just white

  • Les Ismore  1 months ago

    Uncomplicated music with great melodies & harmonies especially listening to the warm chords played so easily. How the most stressed listener will want to chill & totally; relax pure 'Head Candy'! My kinda music enabling anyone find their personal calm , or unwind ready for sleep. Just fabzzzz.

  • sh w  1 years ago

    Jazz is the answer..😗

  • mobilegod gaming  1 years ago

    I love it so much i stop listening to rap and now i only listen to jazz music now

  • Rest up Fredo  4 months ago

    Same and if you like Jazz and still sort of like rap you should listen to J.Cole. He has lots of songs that are like a combination of both Rap and Jazz. He also has 90's type of hip hop vibe to his songs to. All of his songs sound really nice. lol Sorry for this long winded reply just to suggest that you listen to J.Cole

  • iSpike  4 months ago

    this is very nice music. you have a good ear

  • thivan2000  10 months ago

    Stop reading the comments & go to sleep please

  • stone cold fan 316  1 months ago

    Doing that now gnite.

  • Teddy kilonzi  1 months ago


  • James Kim  1 years ago

    It's truly amazing that all of these great songs are actually played by the uploader.. I would have never expected it. Thanks for sharing it with everyone, I really appreciate all of your music!!!

  • Amen

  • Thank You!!

  • Scott Hall  1 months ago

    Wow, very nice. Anyone listening to this in 2019?!

  • Tamara77777  26 days ago

    Yup, for relaxation and sleep :)

  • ROAD SIGN  1 years ago

    Ever since i found your channel all my troubles and worries seems to leave me. Thx bgm for all the music you produced!

  • iSpike  4 months ago

    me to :-)

  • Regan  9 months ago

    Same here

  • Feb Darnall  1 years ago

    Woah good music even better when i found out it's all original👏✨

  • Stephanie C h  1 years ago

    Music for the weary soul... it's so calming and relaxing, this is really beautiful! Excellent Smooth jazz, thanks CafeMusicBGM! Much Love ♥ <3

  • Fion N´Drix  9 months ago

    Stephanie C h v

  • Thank You!!Stephanie.

  • inkadinkadoodle  11 months ago

    your music is very soothing and perfect for nitey-nite background music...and your "please enjoy..." and "good night " at the beginning set such a sweet mood. thank you, goodnight, and blessings to you. :)