Mashed Potatopology - You Suck at Cooking (episode 30)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 13, 2016
  • Subscribe:►►►► are biological reasons that the potato is the universal language of the apology. And those biological reasons are rooted in science, as well as facts and information. In addition to truth. And also history.


  • Owen Grady
    Owen Grady  3 years ago +2631

    The production value is much too high for this amount of subscribers.

  • Kazim Jafar
    Kazim Jafar  2 years ago +1726

    This guy is like smart but under appreciated cousin of HowToBasic

  • HellthyJunkFood
    HellthyJunkFood  3 years ago +1007

    Noticed that YouTube play button box you used.

  • peggy schuyler
    peggy schuyler  3 years ago +278

    your essay writing is probably on point because damn that eloquence

  • Megan D'Alessandro
    Megan D'Alessandro  2 years ago +365


  • JJP_Jack
    JJP_Jack  2 years ago +708

    I made these for my friend who was really mad at me... like category 5 and I didn't know why... all I made them some curry potatoes... turns out they're allergic to curry... they're now pronounced dead... thanks dude! You really did help!

  • Monique Acevedo
    Monique Acevedo  3 years ago +100

    what of some one returns your book messed up with hot cheeto finger prints on it .... how much garlic do I add ??

  • I'm A Rooster.
    I'm A Rooster.  3 years ago +162

    He reminds me of Tina belcher for some odd reason.

  • Krazyloko
    Krazyloko  3 years ago +2158

    I love how he used the box from th youtube play button.

  • WildMacadamia
    WildMacadamia  3 years ago +374

    I am a wrestler and I can confirm that angry potatoes taste better than normal room temperature human potatoes.

  • catmum11
    catmum11  2 years ago +72

    Dude, you are just getting better and better, thank you! Also, I have a cat named Steve who would totally love the $17 dog to play with.

  • Rolienolie
    Rolienolie  3 years ago +181


  • Ashlee Lewis
    Ashlee Lewis  3 years ago +200

    I put my grandmother's teeth in a grinder the other day. What category would that be? This will be a great apology as she has no teeth.
    Could I mix the false teeth powder into the potato mix? Dentures is an anagram for unrested; should I add an energy drink?

  • Jwend392
    Jwend392  2 years ago +37

    Using jarred minced garlic is a Category seven offence.

  • brep
    brep  3 years ago +58

    We have the same overpriced yet still pretty good quality knives. I have nothing further to contribute.

  • The Holy Croissant
    The Holy Croissant  2 years ago +44

    Hmmm... My enemy had a category 20 offense to me apparently. On a scale of one to ten, how angry should the potato be when I throw it at them?

  • Jagger Alexander-Erber
    Jagger Alexander-Erber  2 years ago +12

    This guy seems like he has a hard life, but great videosb

  • Johan Solórzano
    Johan Solórzano  3 years ago +3

    Came from Mark E Miller's recommendation 👍🏻

  • awknj
    awknj  3 years ago +3

    i just finished binge watching all your videos. what an experience. i need moooooorrree

  • Brad
    Brad  3 years ago +3

    Found your channel today. Spent the last hour or so watching all your videos. I have no regrets.