PLOV (student edition) - Cooking with Boris

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 14, 2018
  • It's layered.
    Filmed completely on a smartphone. I can. So you can too.
    Cooking with Boris.

    300g meat (pork, beef, moose, whatever)
    oil (use sunflower seed for authenticity)
    1 large onion
    3 carrots
    1 whole garlic
    rice 300g
    parsley for serving

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  • TheOMAha94
    TheOMAha94  4 hours ago

    Putin the carlic

  • Old but Gold
    Old but Gold  6 hours ago

    я люблю Плов!

  • akramov behruz
    akramov behruz  16 hours ago

    Твой плов чистая хуйня

  • Ma. Margarette Balbin

    please Make onion rings i think it good idea

  • Captain Naim
    Captain Naim  20 hours ago

    why he not peel the garlic

  • Jonathan Ambray
    Jonathan Ambray  21 hours ago +1

    Everybody eating plov until the near end of the month appears

  • Johan Limanjaya
    Johan Limanjaya  22 hours ago

    hi boris ,i actualy tried the recipe. 1 spoon its taste good bust after 3-4 spoon pisdec i want to throw up. suka blyat from indonesia

  • Yousif.B Matti
    Yousif.B Matti  yesterday

    Sorry bro, but I live in a muslim country
    Where it's rarely to find pork:'(

  • Subscribe to me Lol

    Its probably bad that this looks kinda good

  • Raven O6
    Raven O6  yesterday

    This is one of my absolute favourite dishes, absolute class, perfect with any meat and so easy to make a university/college student can do it!

  • Nåmenjå Jskks

    Iam all ways hungry when I watch Boris

  • Syneph
    Syneph  yesterday

    Boris: Is like soup, but is not.
    Also Boris: приятно знать, приятель


  • Noel Thomas
    Noel Thomas  yesterday

    so, basically biriyani

  • soda_potato
    soda_potato  2 days ago

    My mom makes the best plov

  • Amine dennouni
    Amine dennouni  2 days ago

    I just discovered this guys , and omg I love this channel 😂

  • GhostLink92
    GhostLink92  2 days ago

    Damn, I kind of want to try this now.


    This dish is called chicken biriyani in India...

  • Dr IP
    Dr IP  2 days ago


  • iamcasinoroyal
    iamcasinoroyal  3 days ago

    nice recipe Boris! We will never die starving with your lessons!

  • Martín Zamorano Arenas

    Sir, I have found a chilean döppelganger of you that's called Dylantero sin Imaginación. Have you thoroughly scanned your house for western spy cams?