twenty one pilots Goes East - Episode Five: Japan with ONE OK ROCK (Part 2)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 10, 2015
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  • alina oωo
    alina oωo  2 years ago +171

    tyler motherfucking joseph got a throat infection and still wanted to perform with his best friend infront of thousands of people
    what a legend.

  • Bella Perko
    Bella Perko  3 years ago +753

    "I guess it's not much different from the masks we wear" - Tyler Joseph

  • LetMeSleep
    LetMeSleep  3 years ago +356

    other people canceling shows: tweets saying sorry goes home
    tøp: says sorry in front of the crowd arranges meet and greet feels bad about it

  • Aaron LePage
    Aaron LePage  2 years ago +197

    Tyler being so sick makes me want to cry, he looked so disappointed in himself :'(

    JCGJON  3 years ago +435

    I guess you could say his voice was a

  • no pe
    no pe  3 years ago +252

    "and I'm going to play my drums three times as hard" me: hugs my computer awkwardly because its the closest to hugging josh i can get

  • libby
    libby  2 years ago +151

    I just wanted to hug Tyler, he looks so sad :(

  • sara green
    sara green  3 years ago +175

    I wonder if they know how much they mean to me

  • nyellis
    nyellis  3 years ago +411

    I'm crying because of Josh

  • ThatGuyMagZ
    ThatGuyMagZ  3 years ago +310

    I guess you could say tyler was....... sick as frick

  • yoopstia
    yoopstia  3 years ago +135


  • honeydew
    honeydew  3 years ago +369

    2:12 that dude from the japanese band got to grab tyler's tit, im jealous

  • Bloop Blop
    Bloop Blop  3 years ago +71

    WHY DID IT BREAK MY HEART WHEN HE SAID "i guess its not that much different than the other masks we wear" AW BABYYYY

  • Jessica Esquibel
    Jessica Esquibel  3 years ago +261

    * Likes and favorites * even though I haven't watched the whole thing.

  • Fatima Galvez
    Fatima Galvez  3 years ago +117

    I think it's amazing that they still came out to personally apologize for canceling their show instead of having a marketing team do it for them, and it's amazing that they still took the time to take pictures with fans. They're wonderful and so sweet. Bless.

  • Kaylee Ryan
    Kaylee Ryan  3 years ago +261

    I dont know if im happy or sad

  • istrone
    istrone  3 years ago +113

    Last night I had a dream that I met twenty øne piløts... I woke up and I was so sad

  • tennenhouse
    tennenhouse  3 years ago +31

    They sound so sad about missing just one show when big bands miss like hundreds of shows like ITS OK I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU

  • Dingdong0130
    Dingdong0130  3 years ago +34

    1:16 add this to the list of things that made me cry unexpectedly

  • Maggie Castaneda
    Maggie Castaneda  3 years ago +78

    i thought that was halsey at first omg