Meek Mill - Ambitionz (Official Audio)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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  • Christopher Sauer
    Christopher Sauer  a years ago +37

    I don't care what people think bout Meek this is one of the hardest tracks of all time and you have no business listening to hip-hop if you can't respect how raw this is.

  • Michael Braswell
    Michael Braswell  4 years ago +40

    If you're not feeling this, you may want to double-check your heartbeat.

  • 10158719 Okt1015
    10158719 Okt1015  3 years ago +137

    This is a quality homage to Pac

  • KnownEpidemic
    KnownEpidemic  3 years ago +178

    Say what you want about Meek but not that many commercial artists can drop a track like this nowadays..

  • Tan Meddy
    Tan Meddy  3 years ago +87

    This one right here is for everyone that said all Meek's flows are the same....

  • Daniel Shamu
    Daniel Shamu  4 years ago +254

    Pac still influencing

  • Philly4life 215
    Philly4life 215  3 years ago +56

    One of the best songs meek has EVER dropped salute 👌

  • Carlos Alegría
    Carlos Alegría  2 years ago +16

    If you've ever hustled, this song gets to you

  • mikal durham
    mikal durham  3 years ago +74

    he did good on this beat though can't lie people wouldn't dare to touch this beat respect meek..👌👌

  • Trapman Cucu
    Trapman Cucu  3 years ago +105

    meek mill > drake

  • Kohn Man
    Kohn Man  3 years ago +235

    Easily one of the hardest tracks of 2015, respect to Meek for paying homage to the West Coast, something Drake would never do.

  • Samuel Pustea
    Samuel Pustea  4 years ago +51

    My Favorite song on the album! Listen to that piano and the way it was composed to hit your core and make you think about your own ambitions. The beat and music make this track incredible. This song creates its own theme where the day isn't bright but it is still possible that the sun might peep through the clouds!

  • J Cruz
    J Cruz  4 years ago +85

    He should always rap LIKE THIS too dope

  • Dennis Garcia
    Dennis Garcia  3 years ago +129

    Yall people something else. If we replace meeks voice with drakes, yall would be on this so hard.

  • Mike Campos
    Mike Campos  4 years ago +20

    Guys my house just burned down cuz this is so 🔥🔥🔥

  • FreshPrince
    FreshPrince  4 years ago +175

    Fantano said this BUMPS in the whip, so I come running..

  • HitmanPresident 13
    HitmanPresident 13  2 years ago +12

    If you ain't here in 2017 you ain't a meek supproter. GTFO!

  • Cameron Martz
    Cameron Martz  2 years ago +13

    I'm not the biggest Meek fan, but I honestly really liked this album.

  • Kodeen Thompson
    Kodeen Thompson  4 years ago +44

    One of the best on the album to me

  • Lil Uzi Vert
    Lil Uzi Vert  3 years ago +30

    rip tupac