Here's What BROKE On My Cheap Lamborghini's Engine (NOT GOOD!)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 7, 2018
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  • ali raza  1 years ago

    “The interior of the turbo is dry but the interior of the turbo is wet”Tavarish 2018-

  • Yup we’re listening

  • MyGamingMusic  1 years ago

    Bro step up your sound game , all your videos have bad quality audio.

  • rmp5s  1 years ago

    You're treading aaaaaawful close to clickbait here, Frabbie...

  • husqrok  1 years ago

    CHE- CHE -CHE CHEAP LAMBROGHINI WITH MY JEDI THAT WELDED MY DOWNPIPES ALSO, CHE CHE CHE CHE CHEAP LAMBOU. LAMBORCHINI CHEAP; CHEAP LAMBORGHINI, CHEAP LAMBORGHINI. "I only take these two week salaries cause i need to see my family that i left back in afgBORGHINI CHEAP with my hairline. WOOP WOOP its gonna be so LIT *FIREEEEE HOES READY* pfffffffffffft. All he does is, oh maybe he missremembered this. And this, this wasnt gonna be anything anyways, lets make 15min video me telling some horsegirl abo...

  • Exactly what I thought.

  • Spilly Built  1 years ago

    For the love of god and cars, DO NOT restrict the oil feed. 2 -10’s into a single -10 fit drainage is not near enough. Thicker oil may help, but the root of the problem is definitely the drain lines. Keep it up Freddy, you’re an inspiration to us all

  • Alex Buma  1 years ago

    Spilly Built i

  • Thomas Johannesen  1 years ago

    It's decided. I've been searching my soul for a name for my car, and today, I was blessed with an answer: Frabby.

  • D D  1 years ago

    Thomas Johannesen Go Stros!

  • Steve Goff  1 years ago

    We have done quite a few rear mount twin turbo kits from a company that doesn't exist any more STS turbo systems on mainly Corvettes and Camaros. I own a heavily modified 300ZX twin turbo myself that I had to deal with this issue. The problem we ran into on almost every car was oil coming out the exhaust, and every time it was due to oil scavenging from the turbos. They did eventually produce a pump that would pump the oil out of the turbos which always fixed the issue. The "seals" in the tu...

  • funkyzero  1 years ago

    aha! I knew it. Oil salvaging issue. You may need a collector and evac pump if you are going uphill back to the main oil reservoir. Normally gravity takes care of it, but this is a dry sump with the reservoir up high and the turbochargers below it.Not to mention, you shall now and forever be called FRABBY!

  • tojiroh  1 years ago

    Came here to point this out as well. :-)

  • Fernando Kugi  1 years ago

    The turbos drain lines has to make the line with gravity, if it isn't flowing you can damage the seals, and appears that already happens, if you can't do the drain correctly make a catch can and one electric pump to make it flow correctly...

  • nathaniel davis  1 years ago

    Donthehandsome1 I meant to say volume not rate he needs more volume to pull the amount it requires away from the turbos meaning he needs more volume

  • CaptainCanada780  1 years ago

    New Pod Cast Title >>>>Frabby Fixes Fubar

  • Rob Galles  1 years ago

    I would make sure your drain line is at a downward angle all the way to the sump. It looks like it's making a bit of an uphill climb there at the end

  • Tavarish  1 years ago

    Rob Tavares I'll have to figure out how to make everything parallel. I see what you mean.

  • Dan Pevensey  1 years ago

    Hi Tavarish love your videos you are close to the finish line with the Lamborghini I have watched from the beginning and have never been board keep up the good work wish I could afford to sponsor but money is tight right now looking forward to the next video 😀