Here's What BROKE On My Cheap Lamborghini's Engine (NOT GOOD!)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 7, 2018
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  • Moon Moon
    Moon Moon  3 months ago

    I wonder if you can have tree-style fittings that will allow two taps directly off the drain bolt, that way you can run lines all the way up to the bolt, maybe that will help derestrict oil pressure. I know this is a year late but I wonder if this idea would work, still.

  • Tommy Aventador
    Tommy Aventador  6 months ago +1

    Its the Y fittings and how you connect it also that can be the problem. The bottom of the Y section should be the one thats connected to the oil plug, and the top 2 section of the Y should be connected to the turbos. He has the top left side of the Y fitting connected to the Left side turbo, and the top right side of the Y fitting to the return oil plug, so the oil isn’t going to flow correctly. The turbo lines need to be flowing to a central point and out with no restrictions. But thats just 1 thing, there could be many other factors such as too much restrictions and he might need to just have 2 seperate return lines.

  • jeremy jensen
    jeremy jensen  11 months ago

    How about showing us the work you're doing instead of always skipping through or fast forwarding it all.

  • Phil
    Phil  a years ago

    If I cared about the podcast, I'd listen to it.

  • Sam S
    Sam S  a years ago

    Sir you don’t act like a rich prick like some other youtubers. Keep up the good work.

  • Nick H
    Nick H  a years ago

    5w 40 is pretty thin oil for a high hp car im thinking you need thicker oil...

  • zenchii
    zenchii  a years ago

    Today's a great day to quit smoking lmao.

    HOTRODRICO  a years ago

    that mouth breather you do the podcast with is str8 lame bro.... replace that nigga

    HOTRODRICO  a years ago

    i hate those oil breathers they get oil residue all over everything eventually... oil catch can FTW

  • Simon Fell
    Simon Fell  a years ago

    Please tell me you have the rear splash guards to keep road debris from those cone filters...

  • Dennis R. Martinez

    So returning the turbo would mean that you’re using the warranty so..... you’re not the warranty?

    GRANTFROM GOOLWA  a years ago

    Buy likes.

  • Russell Martin
    Russell Martin  a years ago

    Is that pine or doug fir?

  • Complexi
    Complexi  a years ago

    I wouldn’t call you frabby but you look more like a raoel

  • Nathaniel Mathies
    Nathaniel Mathies  a years ago

    More work, less talk.
    You've already explained this crap several times.

  • Nisco Racing
    Nisco Racing  a years ago +1

    Dude it amaze me, listening to the technical explanation about something i have never heard about!
    Very well spoken explanation time and time again!

    DIVERZE GARAGE  a years ago

    hi im a local thats carzy about carz i have a 94 convertable that it seems nobody took a jack to i really think is a dimond in the roght i think its worth looking al the hole bottoom of the car seems like it never seem lifters

  • Ughblah
    Ughblah  a years ago

    9:25 lol the interior is dry but in interior is wet...?

  • Roland Matters
    Roland Matters  a years ago

    A major cause of oil burning is the use of ultra thin oils, ie. 0W-30, 5W-40 etc. This is especially a problem in hotter climates. Try at least a 15W-40 or 20W-50 grade oil.

  • Kenny Liggett
    Kenny Liggett  a years ago

    Just got a call from a car warranty salesman and was asked, "if I had any vehicles that would benefit from extended its warranty." My reply was, "No, I am the warranty." My co-worker and I got a kick out of that. ;)