Binging with Babish 2 Million Subscriber Special: The Every-Meat Burrito from Regular Show

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 16, 2018
  • This week we're celebrating hitting 2 million subscribers with maybe the most cartoonish cartoon food ever imagined: the every-meat burrito. While we were unable to procure any giraffe, jackal, or naked mole rat, the combination of every commercially-available meat ended up tasting like something far worse than chicken. Follow along as we get that taste out of our mouth with the every-pork burrito!

    Thank you everyone for helping me hit 2 million subscribers!!!

    Shout out to Alvin Cailan for the tortilla factory recommendation!

    Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free

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  • Drakenskar  (Jan 16, 2018))

    Did the madman wear an apron in public

  • Bluepillowpet 44  (3 hours ago))

    +Guard Outpost 1,Sector 23 Site[Redacted] No geo is the maddest lad

  • He will go against the maddest lad of all geo films

  • insert name  (Mar 4, 2019))

    "I need your biggest tortilla"*shop owners look at each other*He is ready

  • Angelo Mordasini  (Mar 12, 2019))

    "the gringo wants the biggest tortilla we have""consuela...""bring forth _EL TORTO_ "

  • dis _iz tud.  (3 days ago))

    I died

  • Schmityy722  (4 days ago))


  • Danny Devito  (Jan 9, 2019))

    You should monetize your videos so $570 isn’t a big deal

  • 095  (9 hours ago))

    +TheProstheticLemon Don't be a grammar nazi if you can't spell what you're correcting.

  • HartInCMajor  (2 days ago))

    People acting like 9k a month isnt a lot of money pretty much anywhere. Hes doing fine

  • Chickii Does Stuff  (Feb 24, 2019))

    PETA is going to have a stroke

  • Pug Tato  (1 day ago))


  • Copy paste

  • SlushPuppy  (Jan 16, 2018))

    I love how he is still wearing is apron while walking around in public.

  • Fox  (Jan 17, 2018))

    Some say he sleeps in his apron too.

  • Carli Q  (Jan 17, 2018))

    youtube guy not so special anymore, are you mr youtube

  • Max Minervini  (Feb 21, 2019))

    He single handily keeping the kosher salt industry alive

  • olivia katz  (3 days ago))

    and the exotic meat industry

  • Sophie Clement  (6 days ago))

    LOL “a little bit of salt”

  • Byron Smothers  (Jan 13, 2019))

    That was the most Canadian road rage I've ever seen!


  • Logan Kemp  (Mar 6, 2019))

    Byron Smothers yep polite but passive aggressive

  • Arthur Brandon Nielsen  (Dec 11, 2018))

    After rewatching this, I'm now curious... the clip from the show never specifies when/how the meat was prepped/cooked. What if, instead of trying to cook it all together, it was all prepared in parts and combined after being properly cooked?

  • Harry Gong  (6 days ago))

    True, but it would take a lot of hours to prepare.

  • OddBall  (Feb 27, 2019))

    Arthur Brandon Nielsen in the show it shows the ball of messy being grounded up all together

  • hokage gamerr  (Jan 5, 2019))


  • Lee Bailey  (6 days ago))

    +BOOM! idc Tv it is New York

  • Door Breacher  (Mar 12, 2019))

    Filthy Frank?