Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA "TIME ATTACK" PART 9



  • DIY Autobody  (Dec 20, 2018))

    Here's a tip guys base it in white after the sealer and you'll get much better coverage from the orange. Painting over a dark sealer with a transparent color eats up the paint. love your work. keep on keepin on!

  • DIY Autobody  (Dec 24, 2018))

    +Edward VP yes i think it's attainable for the average do it yourselfers. Somtimes there are some specialized tools that can be helpful but there's always a work around. If anyone has any questions I'm more than happy to give my assistance any way i can just message me.

  • Edward VP  (Dec 21, 2018))

    DIY Autobody since your a bodyman is this work attainable for the average DIY person or is there more to this ty

  • Adam B  (Dec 20, 2018))

    You need to get your driveway paved!!! Definitely look into it over the winter so you can have a plan for the spring. I cant stand watching those nice cars drive across sand and dirt!!!!! But I still love the videos. Keep up the good work! Edit: (1/14/18) Woah!! Thank you all for almost 360 likes!!! Didn’t think i would get this many, or any at all. Thanks again!! :)

  • Khamsin Shamal  (Jan 26, 2019))

    My thoughts also, Adam B. That driveway/courtyard generates quite a lot of dust, not to mention all the mud when it rains. Of course, I am not the guys, but personally I would have either paved or asphalted it. Having lived with dogs, it was amazing what a difference it made also indoors after we paved our yard... 😊

  • Adam B  (Jan 20, 2019))

    ISO MY USA Haha you made some good points. I see my wrongs and i’m sorry for that. Good conversation though lol.

  • ryne mioletti  (Dec 20, 2018))

    I don't know why but I just wish you guys would have washed all the debris from the crash off of the chassis before installing all if these parts. Personally I would have cleaned it up a little better and painted some of the other suspension parts while you guys were waiting on the parts. Great video series though!

  • Brian Watkins  (Mar 31, 2019))

    for real! Things usually take me twice as long though because I clean like crazy as I go

  • Khamsin Shamal  (Jan 26, 2019))

    My thoughts also. What better opportunity to clean all that mess off than after removing parts and laying all that grass and dirt bare. Considering that they are concerned about things being clean and proper, I was very surprised that they didn’t thoroughly clean the car before installing for instance those nice shocks. As someone else said - I want to reach in there and properly clean the underbody from all that crap.

  • scracer24c  (Dec 20, 2018))

    No!!! It’s too dark because of that dark sealer I’d bet money! We had that happen often years ago before we started mixing the sealer to the exact value shade!!!! Lighter colors Typically need a lighter sealer, Darker colors typically darker sealer! That’s how all shops do it, None of us can afford to use extra paint or buy more paint to spray under it Etc Etc. Had you sprayed over that Primer it would have covered great AND probably matched, the wrong sealer WILL change the color!! We have DuPont Mixi...

  • Dan Hard  (Feb 23, 2019))

    ya I posted the same and he was dusting the color coats

  • scracer24c  (Dec 23, 2018))

    Brandon Johnson Absolutely Bro, That’s 100% Facts!

  • brin3535  (Dec 20, 2018))

    Merry Christmas fellas and fellow goonzsquad followers.

  • Mcsofresh  (Dec 20, 2018))

    This Channel is becoming an addiction.

  • Ashcandy  (Dec 23, 2018))

    +TgtmHokage they upload every 2 or three days. Notice how in the vids they say "it's getting late so we'll see you tomorrow" then continue with the vid? All of these take severeal days to make.

  • Ivaylo Slavov  (Dec 21, 2018))


  • tavish dozier  (Dec 20, 2018))

    came for the viper stayed for the cat XD

  • Souhail Ennaouli  (Dec 21, 2018))

    Is so amazing to see two brothers getting along

  • Thomas Hellcat  (Jan 8, 2019))

    Barry McCockinner they are

  • Edwin Mena  (Dec 31, 2018))

    Souhail Ennaouli i think they are best friends

  • Justin YOINK  (Dec 20, 2018))

    Santa, all i want for Christmas is a Goonzquad upload so i dont have to deal with my annoying lil cousins

  • PokerGrinder  (Dec 20, 2018))

    Shout-Out to Thomas.. coolest cat on youtube.