Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA "TIME ATTACK" PART 9

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 20, 2018
  • This is a huge milestone for this Dodge Viper rebuild! This is going to make things flow so much easier. We have been working hard to get to this stage in the process. Watch as we rebuild this beast and get it ready to rip! Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe! -GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC: Harmony (8:55-11:30)


  • DIY Autobody
    DIY Autobody  7 months ago +222

    Here's a tip guys base it in white after the sealer and you'll get much better coverage from the orange. Painting over a dark sealer with a transparent color eats up the paint. love your work. keep on keepin on!

  • Adam B
    Adam B  7 months ago +384

    You need to get your driveway paved!!! Definitely look into it over the winter so you can have a plan for the spring. I cant stand watching those nice cars drive across sand and dirt!!!!! But I still love the videos. Keep up the good work! Edit: (1/14/18) Woah!! Thank you all for almost 360 likes!!! Didn’t think i would get this many, or any at all. Thanks again!! :)

  • ryne mioletti
    ryne mioletti  7 months ago +61

    I don't know why but I just wish you guys would have washed all the debris from the crash off of the chassis before installing all if these parts. Personally I would have cleaned it up a little better and painted some of the other suspension parts while you guys were waiting on the parts. Great video series though!

  • scracer24c
    scracer24c  7 months ago +49

    No!!! It’s too dark because of that dark sealer I’d bet money! We had that happen often years ago before we started mixing the sealer to the exact value shade!!!! Lighter colors Typically need a lighter sealer, Darker colors typically darker sealer! That’s how all shops do it, None of us can afford to use extra paint or buy more paint to spray under it Etc Etc. Had you sprayed over that Primer it would have covered great AND probably matched, the wrong sealer WILL change the color!! We have DuPont Mixing Stations at the shop and we ALWAYS use the proper value shade sealer and in 2 coats you are done! Do NOT start buying other paint to spray first! You could end up with Solvent Pops or other problems not to mention it’s too much time & money. Ask your local paint shop and by the VIN # they can typically eliminate alternates and give you the right sealer. I explained better in another comment but I can’t find it for some reason. Hope that helps fellas. ✊️👍

  • brin3535
    brin3535  7 months ago +38

    Merry Christmas fellas and fellow goonzsquad followers.

  • T- Jay
    T- Jay  7 months ago +214

    Awesome guys. Do the hellcat price breakdown next. Like of you agree. 👍🏾

  • tavish dozier
    tavish dozier  7 months ago +45

    came for the viper stayed for the cat XD

  • Souhail Ennaouli
    Souhail Ennaouli  7 months ago +26

    Is so amazing to see two brothers getting along

    THIGGEH  7 months ago +9

    The paint issue is called "opacity", your blacks, blues, reds, are usually very "opaque" paints meaning they cover with little transparency, so they require fewer coats. Your yellows and oranges are almost always not going to be very opaque so when you lay down a coat you can easily see what's underneath. Someone else said it but painting yellow or orange on top of a white base is the best way to go. This information may or may not come from graffiti writing

  • Jaybo Greenbo
    Jaybo Greenbo  7 months ago +10

    I've never owned a V-10, but listening to that performance exhaust paired up makes me want one REAL bad! Great work guys. Thoroughly impressed by your hard work and determination.

  • Mcsofresh
    Mcsofresh  7 months ago +95

    This Channel is becoming an addiction.

  • Justin YOINK
    Justin YOINK  7 months ago +25

    Santa, all i want for Christmas is a Goonzquad upload so i dont have to deal with my annoying lil cousins

  • TrapxMcLovin
    TrapxMcLovin  7 months ago +2

    Lol they have a challenger mustang Camaro Jeep and corvette but choose to use the cobalt 😂

  • PokerGrinder
    PokerGrinder  7 months ago +7

    Shout-Out to Thomas.. coolest cat on youtube.

  • José Martínez VortexMax

    Dope vid 🔥 guy keep up the great work 👌 all ways looking forward to watching yo vids🙏

  • haga41cat
    haga41cat  7 months ago +1

    I have a built in torque wrench, my wrist clicks when it's had enough 😂

  • Nicholas Rajkumar
    Nicholas Rajkumar  7 months ago +2

    You guys are both very awesome and keep up the great work on the VIPER

  • Junito Punto Comm
    Junito Punto Comm  7 months ago +2

    10:15 How many dollars would you have paid for Hoovie’s Ferrari??
    - Only two dollars?? But Tavarish paid $18K!!

  • Kamil Nowak
    Kamil Nowak  7 months ago +1

    Next project Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk?

  • John Riegelsberger
    John Riegelsberger  7 months ago +120

    If you use a lighter colored sealer and put down a white base it will allow you to do less coats of base coat and with having the white base I think it would match the rest of the car just fine. That’ll keep y’all from having to repaint the whole car. You used a dark sealer that’s why that panel is darker. Plus 9 coats of paint didn’t help lol. We’re all learning through this journey with y’all though.