The Truth About Jeffree Star



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    Scott S  55 minutes ago

    9:56 mood

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  • Marii Rios
    Marii Rios  an hour ago

    We love you both Jeffrey and Shane ❤❤❤❤

  • Haley Leann
    Haley Leann  2 hours ago

    This video absolutely broke me!!😭😭 he is such a humble person. He is such an inspiration to me!!!😭😭😭. Behind all the money he is a real ass mf! He deserves every bit of success he has earned!! Jeffree if you see this, just know your story did not make me judge you or want to make fun of you. You taught me I am not alone and it's okay to look at my scars as battle wounds! You touched my heart when you talked about your cutting and I felt every word you said !!❤❤❤❤💔

  • ArabellaInsterstella

    I'm literally sobbing, thank you Jeffree for showing us even the most confident people have demons

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  • Deb Bitage
    Deb Bitage  5 hours ago

    Loved the journey with Jeffree. You both are amazing.

  • Valencia jones
    Valencia jones  6 hours ago

    You never know what someone else is going through. Seeing those scars really messed me up. No one deserves to be going through that kind of pain that they feel they must self harm. Thank you for being raw.

  • Masaury Eure
    Masaury Eure  7 hours ago

    this was published on my birthday🥳

  • Naty Rodriguez
    Naty Rodriguez  7 hours ago +1

    me encanto!!

  • Suck A Dick
    Suck A Dick  9 hours ago

    Jeffrees scars comfort me because I know some day my scars will hardly be noticable, because my stomach is covered in deep ones, my legs and upper arms have got loads and my whole forearm is just scar tissue, and I’d hate my future kids to be able to see them all over my body

  • lσlιsυкιx3
    lσlιsυкιx3  9 hours ago

    better help was a scam

  • sywoksgurl
    sywoksgurl  13 hours ago

    Oh my God Shane! !!
    What the actual fuck?!?!
    You and whoever you work with have made me an ADDICT!! I love your humor but I especially love the authenticity that shines through your videos!
    You're FUCKING AMAZING sister!!!

  • Megan Tanguay
    Megan Tanguay  14 hours ago

    Really enjoyed this series, especially this part of it. Definitely felt like I could relate to Jeffery on some level (not to the extent he did) and I’m a little surprised but in a good way. Helped me understand him a lot more for sure

  • Whenitcomesto
    Whenitcomesto  15 hours ago

    i just wanna say thank you for being real friend with Jeffree

  • Ghina Arif
    Ghina Arif  16 hours ago

    Call us faggots because people like Jeffree Star make me proud to be one. It's people like him that took a derogatory slur I was scared of and just made me stronger. Thankyou <3

  • megan Brooks
    megan Brooks  18 hours ago

    Shane is such a empath👾👾

  • Larissa Petre
    Larissa Petre  18 hours ago

    Respect jeffery u are very strong

  • Avakin dalyn
    Avakin dalyn  19 hours ago

    I been watching him for 3 years and i love how he changed his makeup

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