The Truth About Jeffree Star

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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  • Three cheers for Sweet cheese whizz

    Jefree at 33:36 :No one is alone
    Shane at 33:36 :*Shakes his head*

  • Hope Adkins
    Hope Adkins  an hour ago

    I wasn't wasn't a fan of Jeffrey and my boyfriend quite frankly hated him but because we gave the series a chance we both appreciate the hell out of him thank you Shane for shining a new light on a controversial figure and giving them a new chance in some people's eyes

  • Aatikah Carmen happy

    Omg that made me cry my daughter was a cutter as a mum i was gutted as i felt like a compliments failure and had friend who committed sucide so the seriousness of the situation really scared me i hope i helped her by talking her to endless counsellers thank god she has comers through when everyone wrote her off i stood by her. As a mum i will always worry for her.

  • Okay
    Okay  5 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice the "yea I'm straight" when Jeffree and Shane were talking to the landlord lady. (Garret was talking to the apartment guy)

  • Coralee Lannerd
    Coralee Lannerd  7 hours ago

    Touched my heart watching this . #Empath# I'm amazed by the Love & Laughter Creative fun freedom in just being. vanarblity that flowed even with the knowing the fear of possible pain ,to just casting the fear of possible pain right out there . That the realness of it all . let some pain get unchained for a better freedom of just being self . I want to be myself even if it's erasing the childhood memory that's still not free To build the real me I'm supposed to be.

  • sk8rpunkbarbie
    sk8rpunkbarbie  7 hours ago

    Jeffree I didnt have a dad either growing up never stop being you your amazing your awesome you brighten up my life and days as do you shane I hope I get to meet you both one day. I'm actually crying as I feel jeffrees pain I KNOW how it feels I'm so proud you shared it isnt easy xxxx

  • sk8rpunkbarbie
    sk8rpunkbarbie  7 hours ago

    Jeffree I'm so sorry you went through the self harm. I have been there as well so proud of you for being clean ten years I'm clean a year and half now. Shane so so sweet to see your reaction so proud of you for way you dealt with it. Jeffree I totally understand how you feel and what you went through. I'm 32 now I'm very open about my self harm past. It's never a cry for attention it's a coping mech you feel it's only way yoi can cope.

  • Soul Walks Alone -
    Soul Walks Alone -  10 hours ago +1

    "I was my own...cutting board..."

  • Regina Falangie
    Regina Falangie  12 hours ago

    This series is the best thing I've ever seen on YouTube! It taught me a lot and it really touched my heart. Plus their humor is the best. I laughed so many times. I never knew of Shane or Jeffree (and DT which lead me here) til just a few days ago just from YouTube surfing. Discovering them feels like finding some super amazing never before seen gems. They are unique and beautiful!

  • Will Cord
    Will Cord  12 hours ago

    WoW WoW
    Hits And love

  • bloody hell
    bloody hell  13 hours ago

    This episode broke my heart! I love you Jeffree 😭😭💔

  • Randall Randall
    Randall Randall  14 hours ago

    ❤💕🧡💛 Shane you're so EMPATHETIC AND KIND. I'm glad you've become Jeffree's moirail and am glad he's gotten such a good one, he deserves it ♦️

  • Nicole Genes
    Nicole Genes  14 hours ago

    this video deserves 8.2K thumbs up lol lots of people obviously seemed hmm?

  • Emily Stepan-Jackson
    Emily Stepan-Jackson  22 hours ago +2

    Anyone else watching this in 2019 for the 2897389729837324 time and still completely in tears.

  • van Dijk
    van Dijk  yesterday +1

    So apparently Jeffree is a Scorpio

  • Melody Gacha Petal


  • Cactus_Squirrel
    Cactus_Squirrel  yesterday +1

    This video takes me back a lot. I had a friend who was obsessed with Jeffree in middle school. This is back in 2008 when Jeffree's myspace days were huge. She had cuts and scars all over her arms and people were so disrespectful to her over it. It was so sad.
    I'm glad that Jeffree rose from his lows and made the best out of his situation. I resonate a lot with Jeffree as being in the Myspace generation. I'm so proud of Jeffree's success and modern happiness. It makes me see life more lightly and on a business perspective.

  • Kimiconga Nguyen
    Kimiconga Nguyen  yesterday +1

    I really don’t like my mindset from the past because I always just listened to one source/whatever people shit on at the time, so I just wrote off Jeffree as a racist (because that’s what people keep saying). Also, I was always kind of afraid of Jeffree because he looks really intimidating.

    But after watching this series, I feel so shitty. He’s so genuine and funny, and I love his make up. I just wish I looked at both sides of the story

  • Jacqueline Cruz
    Jacqueline Cruz  yesterday +1

    Jeffree definitely needed to meet Shane. If you’re as closed off as Jeffree, Shane, me, and many other people then how often do you meet a person that actually gets you out of your shell. I personally haven’t meet that person and truly don’t think I ever will. Jeffree is the strongest person to show something as personal as his scars in front of millions of people.

  • Cheetah1985
    Cheetah1985  yesterday +1

    I love how they both just keep rediscovering themselves over and over again especially in the new series. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗