Gregory Esayan - Interdependent [Silk Music]

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 9, 2019
  • 🎧 Download/Stream Gregory Esayan's "My Guiding Star" artist album:🌴 Enjoy our latest releases on Spotify:👨‍💻 Chat with us on Discord:👕 Browse our new merchandise: three years since the release of his last LP, virtuosic Russian trance & progressive composer Gregory Esayan graces us with his third full-length album, "My Guiding Star." The title reflects his celestially inspired creative process, but it is also employed as a metaphor for love: Gregory pays tribute to his wife and personal 'guiding star,' Anaida, as evidenced by the sentimental hues that permeate all twelve album cuts. From the world music-influenced progressive gem "Cradle" to the astronomically propelled "Myriad," Gregory once again offers a mesmerizing aural journey, with each "chapter" touching upon a different shade of electronic music, conveying a unique narrative tale, and, above all, reflecting the boundless inspirational power of love.Follow Silk Music: Gregory Esayan: Gregory Esayan - Perfect Silence (Intro Mix)02 Gregory Esayan - Cradle (Extended Mix)03 Gregory Esayan - Hive04 Gregory Esayan - One Look05 Gregory Esayan - Myriad06 Gregory Esayan - Coral Glasses (Extended Mix)07 Gregory Esayan - Second Self08 Gregory Esayan - My Guiding Star09 Gregory Esayan - Craving You10 Gregory Esayan - The Best Gift11 Gregory Esayan - Interdependent12 Gregory Esayan - Mediterranea13 Gregory Esayan - Cradle14 Gregory Esayan - Coral Glasses#GregoryEsayan #ProgressiveHouse #SilkMusic


  • Silk Music  4 months ago

    *"An ode about lovers that pays tribute to the wonderful feeling of inexplicable attraction, as if a magnet has created one whole from two different destinies. Everyone can find their own story in this track."* -Gregory Esayan

  • jamesjamesx1  28 days ago

    Gregory I adore your music but'a magnet has created one whole from two different destinies'That is some mixed metaphor!

  • Adira honey  4 months ago

    Beautiful 🎶❤🎵🎶💃🏼💃🏼🎶👍👍

  • Tom  4 months ago


  • Sergio David Buitron  4 months ago

    De las mejores canciones que he escuchado de Gregory,impresionante 👍

  • Mike Penn  1 months ago

    Another good one. Thank you Gregory.

  • Laura Martinez  4 months ago

    Great job !!! Gregory!!! I love it😍

  • Amarnath Sam  4 months ago

    I want to write poetry on these mesmerizing tracks but my vocabulary is limited 😯. God its time to learn English again 😭

  • inferno4001  4 months ago

    Gregory's album will be hard to beat. For sure, this is already one of the best album releases in progressive in 2019!

  • Silk Music  4 months ago

    So appreciate it, Inferno!

  • truncator  4 months ago

    Probably my favorite track from the album. That piano outro is gorgeous! Love it so much <3

  • Silk Music  4 months ago

    One of our favorite too : )

  • Omari Joseph  4 months ago

    THANK YOU Silk Music for making me a Top Fan..much much appreciated and very humbled by this...again thank you

  • Silk Music  4 months ago

    Well deserved, Omari -- your feedback has been extraordinary. <3

  • Razvan Ionut  4 months ago

    no music is life is dream is aer is someting wanderful