WORK Jazz - Concentration Relaxing JAZZ for Work and Study

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 27, 2019
  • WORK Jazz - Concentration Relaxing JAZZ for Work and StudyPLEASE ► SUBSCRIBE! ► ► NEW VIDEOS ► Our work Jazz can be used for work, study, relaxing, calm, romantic dinner, cooking, baking. This relaxing jazz music best suited for study, sleep, cooking, like dinner music or background music, romantic music, relaxation music or like a music for stress relief. Let the beautiful, soothing and inspirational music help you relax!►SUBSCRIBE ► ►AWESOME MUSIC COLLECTION ► rights reserved. Music is Copyrighted.#jazz#workmusic#loungemusic#studymusic


  • Chai
    Chai  2 days ago +5

    This feels like a milk shake for my soul...maybe..caramel vanilla

  • Alexander Haskell
    Alexander Haskell  21 days ago +23

    Grew up listening to my dad play Erroll Garner while I slipped into dreamland... some tracks take me back... thanks

  • TheLuckyAce
    TheLuckyAce  1 months ago +30

    I could fall asleep to this, I think its nap time, lol.

    JORGE BARRERO  1 months ago +42

    Jesus......... (close my eyes, shake my head slowly and smile) this feels good

  • deathmire11
    deathmire11  4 months ago +53

    thanks for the track mate!
    Better get to work now!

  • super dog 1
    super dog 1  6 days ago +6

    whenever I study or do my homework, this is by far the best background noise that I have used. Now i always use it for whatever I'm doing.

  • Jhon Barreiro
    Jhon Barreiro  14 days ago +8

    Beautiful, relaxing music. I feel very relaxed and I smile while I work. what a lovely music. thank you.

  • Noel Anderton
    Noel Anderton  1 months ago +20

    How id you keep the coffee steaming for over two hours?!

  • Faber Muñoz Gomez
    Faber Muñoz Gomez  5 months ago +11

    Pleasant one ! Thanks . You are doing a cute work in giving us this music.

  • Rozza Frost
    Rozza Frost  1 months ago +52

    this is so relaxing, listened to it all school year
    well since after it came out lol

  • Ester Mont
    Ester Mont  yesterday

    música boa que traz ótimas vibrações ótima para trabalhar em paz. Muito obrigada!

  • Вячеслав НТО

    Спасибо за подборку, отлично

  • Kendra Edwards
    Kendra Edwards  21 days ago +9

    I lishen to jazz music every night it relaxes my body and it sounds great.

  • Joyce Wagner
    Joyce Wagner  1 months ago +13

    Amazing! EXACTLY what I need to keep me calm and focused. Also, just great music! Thank you.

  • alakhdar ayoub
    alakhdar ayoub  1 months ago +14

    such a wonderful piece of art, thank you so much for uploading it

  • Ranjith R
    Ranjith R  21 days ago +103

    I played this at my workplace and my collegue asked "Are you trying to seduce me?" ;)

  • lifepath 333
    lifepath 333  21 days ago +27

    Sometimes it is so hard to find the right music to play in the background while trying to do work that I really don't want to do and right now this is perfect! Thank you!

  • brotherinbooks
    brotherinbooks  21 days ago +4

    It is the desert here but feels like december rain with the music playing.

  • Miriam Inverardi
    Miriam Inverardi  21 days ago +7

    Thank you so much! I end up studying in many random chaotic places and this music has really helped me isolate myself and finding good energy to study

  • Henrique Bessa de Laet
    Henrique Bessa de Laet  1 months ago +4

    Essa seleção é fez muito bem. Wonderful selection...made me very well.