3 Designs for Shops in Super Mario Maker!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 7, 2018
  • Is it possible to build a shop in Super Mario Maker where Mario pays with 1-UPs? Or a shop where coins can actually be used to buy valuable goomba shoes? The answer is: “Yes!” With a little bit of dedication, and a lot of ELB manipulation it’s actually possible to build crazy shopping systems in Super Mario Maker! In this video we will take a look at three shop designs in Super Mario Maker. Two that use complex setups and one Super Mario Maker shop that is super easy to set up!

    --------------------Credits for the Music--------------------------
    HolFix - Beyond The Kingdom

    ------Kevin MacLeod
    "Adventure Meme", “Amazing Plan”, “The Builder”
    Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com
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  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams  14 days ago

    Me:👐👆👏 👊👆👐 👌👎 👏👐👐👏(NOT HAPPENING. NOT TRANSLATING)

  • Jeff Croyle
    Jeff Croyle  14 days ago

    I got an idea and I went to go play Super Mario Maker and I build my idea.

  • Echs Dee
    Echs Dee  1 months ago

    Say the line Ceave!

  • M Yes
    M Yes  1 months ago

    I thought this is a dumb game for kids......
    Conclusion: im dumb kids smart

  • TerboGoodGame
    TerboGoodGame  1 months ago

    "Yum yum mushrooms"

    My favourite

  • Lunarae Maemae
    Lunarae Maemae  1 months ago

    I have an IDEA! so, you have to make the coins be part of the ELC limit. if you collect some, some items will appear. see? that's cool, eh?

  • Yoshi_Ninja05
    Yoshi_Ninja05  2 months ago +1

    When the first one is surprisingly simple

    wait that's illegal

  • Pat and Josh Wang
    Pat and Josh Wang  2 months ago

    0:18 Mario has 0 lives... He is still alive...

  • TheEliteLycanroc
    TheEliteLycanroc  2 months ago

    you didnt design a mechanic for stealing from the shops yet ;)

  • Ishiirou
    Ishiirou  2 months ago +1


  • Chiara
    Chiara  2 months ago

    you want to make even smm2 a capitalist system, uhm?

  • QuingHiyer 15 13 7
    QuingHiyer 15 13 7  2 months ago

    5:38 Mario has the ability to run without moving his feet

  • The Mango Man
    The Mango Man  2 months ago

    when he asks you to subscribe but you already subscribed

  • Mango_Knife
    Mango_Knife  3 months ago


  • Blurange Boy KM's see

    Isnt it that 1 ul mushrooms are useful-

  • Pixydis
    Pixydis  3 months ago

    Impossible in mario maker 2?

  • Player ball tr
    Player ball tr  3 months ago

    İt does not work in 3ds

  • Matey Lyaskov
    Matey Lyaskov  3 months ago

    Mario needs coins for one reason:
    To buy 1-Ups.

  • Pan Ye
    Pan Ye  3 months ago

    The key shop is the easiest

  • R Russell
    R Russell  3 months ago

    Another extension on to this concept would be vending machines. Imagine a contraption that only works to spit out a power-up if there is a green koopa or spiny or that takes in a mushroom and exchanges it for a leaf.