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  • Published on:  Friday, December 8, 2017
  • TOP 10 Most Viewed Auditions EVER on America's Got Talent!
    Most viewed auditions include Grace Vanderwaal, Celine Tam & more! #gottalent #xfactor #idol


  • Yuna Xiao
    Yuna Xiao  32 minutes ago

    SIMON, SHES NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO LOST HER HEARINg, OKAY! Look at me, I was born deaf, but anyways i’m proud to be deaf i can hear duh with hearing aids. honestly, the girl on stage should get hearing aids or cochlear implants, it helps a lot.

  • LowExam
    LowExam  an hour ago

    Fun Fact:Darci Sung At A Child’s Hospitalization Is What’s Sweet

  • Ioana Yuki
    Ioana Yuki  an hour ago

    I might as well fall in love with the blue haired girl at the end.. seriously.. depressed and not wanting to exist anymore and getting happy that the plans got canceled these days; but the girl with the blue hair at the end, the way she got happy and cried and the little girl's voice, i feel finally relaxed and a bit happy and i just.. At this moment i love the blue haired girl and the little girl;s voice.. finishing the wisky and votka bottles i might put them one on the other as impression, but the last voice and the blue haired girl make me feel like i want to be a better human...really, the way she laughs and cries and hug the little girl at the end; i don know her and i might just project my feelings and ideals on to her, but she feels like someone worth of so much love and i hope that good things happen to her and i hope that the little girls has a nice future and she becomes as lovely as the blue haired girl.. i am already replaying that moment so many times offff i also have part of my hair blue, but she feels like out of this world and like she could heal wound i mighself should heal since they are no ones fault.. but really, the little;s girls voice is awesome in transmitting feelings and the blue haired girl is my personal love and crush and inspiration tonight. Sorry for the bad english; just a drunk eastern european girl.

  • Gaurav Saxeriya
    Gaurav Saxeriya  3 hours ago

    Why're their intros so fuckin staged.

  • 리부트달걀
    리부트달걀  9 hours ago

    That damn little kid made me wipe my eyes out

  • 리부트달걀
    리부트달걀  9 hours ago

    How could she... its AMAZING

  • samson lei
    samson lei  15 hours ago +2

    Grace Vanderwalls sister comes running out to hug her

    Confetti: BAP HEADSHOT.

  • samson lei
    samson lei  15 hours ago

    I like how at 21:03 the judges look like their scared of her🤣🤣🤣 imean 28:24 wait no 28:02

  • samson lei
    samson lei  16 hours ago

    Heidi: I think all of America’s going to love u.

    Trump: hold my deporting device.

  • Elizabethand vivian meme lifted

    Who already watched this before and watched it again

  • samson lei
    samson lei  16 hours ago +1

    Why does the second persons mom look like a guy

  • Doug Mapper
    Doug Mapper  19 hours ago +1

    Me: 20 years of singing including 6 years of school and 4 years of professional training

    Celine, age 9: Hold my sippy cup

  • Wanda Lee
    Wanda Lee  21 hours ago +1

    when will they ever stop..JUDGING A BOOK BY IT'S COVER!!!...SMH!!!

  • EG
    EG  yesterday

    21:45 ''it is a hands down yes from me'' has hands up

  • buah selamat
    buah selamat  yesterday +1

    Oh My God this is inspiration 😣

  • Luba Luba
    Luba Luba  yesterday

    Look how Simon checks out Mel B at 38:00 up and down wow.

  • bryan gudino
    bryan gudino  yesterday

    I knew once the last girl was gonna get the golden buzzer before they even pressed it!

  • bryan gudino
    bryan gudino  yesterday

    What’s the last girls name? She so fucking good !

  • Zoe Simpson
    Zoe Simpson  yesterday +1

    The second girl with anxiety should have got the golden buzzer

  • AllieTheOtaku
    AllieTheOtaku  yesterday

    The second girl hit me so hard in multiple ways, oh my gosh. I suffer from clinical depression and social anxiety and with how hard it is for me to just get out of bed some days, I can’t imagine how it must feel to be on a stage infront of so many people. Also, she sang a song that is really really close to me. She had me sobbing 💜