State Meeting - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019


  • jwsm2
    jwsm2  6 months ago +2947

    "What if the black face was just part of your costume of a black person" that was probably asked at the real press conference LOL

  • Erika Myers
    Erika Myers  6 months ago +409

    I dont mean biracial, I mean one year I was both Micheal Jacksons..omg 😆

  • Dylan Noah
    Dylan Noah  6 months ago +772

    The Halsey part is so genius it’s so funny

  • unique_intestine
    unique_intestine  4 months ago +96

    Halsey’s question is even funnier knowing that she’s biracial too

  • Sinon's Life
    Sinon's Life  6 months ago +338

    "What if the costume won a contest?"
    "What was the contest?"
    "Blackest face."
    Got me rolling!

  • Mirenda
    Mirenda  6 months ago +953

    Keenan is so good at playing the disappointed, lovable authority figure.

  • Kayla Achten
    Kayla Achten  6 months ago +507

    2:57 That person who yelled ‘oh my god!’ when Beck said the contest was for blackest face 😂😂😂 the live audience definitely added to this sketch

  • Adam Woolhouse
    Adam Woolhouse  6 months ago +293

    The best SNL hosts are the ones that blend into the sketches seamlessly. Watching sketches like this I forgot Halsey was the host and not just a cast member. She did a great job with this episode.

  • deepvybes
    deepvybes  6 months ago +214

    2:19 when SNL goes meta and includes Pete in the shot of the most breakable joke.

  • britnee jackson
    britnee jackson  6 months ago +149

    “I’m a take a 2 week lunch” 😂😂 me every time I go to work

  • Cognitive Harmony!
    Cognitive Harmony!  6 months ago +1475

    What if you are "Half-Black?"
    That stole the show.

  • Travis Mccoy
    Travis Mccoy  6 months ago +83

    "Well what was the contest" MF said "Blackest Face" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • luckyjasonfan
    luckyjasonfan  6 months ago +57

    "We can still do the voice?"
    WHAT VOICE!?!! 👀

  • Phoenixx Trih
    Phoenixx Trih  6 months ago +134

    Jeez.... now I'm curious as to what "Blackvoice" sounds like.

  • steff
    steff  6 months ago +128

    "Am I in hell?" lmao

  • Cooldrop02
    Cooldrop02  6 months ago +635

    "See, he's getting mad"
    America's response to any complaint the black community has ever made lol.

  • Liz B
    Liz B  6 months ago +80

    I think the al Jolson reference went over a lot of heads lol

  • Donny Mazarati
    Donny Mazarati  5 months ago +35

    I love Keenan so much, he is so great in every sketch lmao

  • Lily Fenster
    Lily Fenster  6 months ago +24

    "what if i dressed in black booty?" "how could anyone tell that it was a black booty?" "because i had shoe polish on my face" SDFGJGFDSFG THE BEST PART

  • Wolf_GuySB
    Wolf_GuySB  6 months ago +85

    How in the heck is it that Gov. Northam got the whole media to refer to it simply as a “blackface scandal”. That’s probably the least controversial part of the entire photo. Why is it that the media refuses to focus on the fact that he thought having a black man in front of a Klansman (aka implying horrible, terroristic events) was humorous. He needs to resign immediately, so that the party can get back to it’s true message.