11 Types of Students During The Holidays

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 30, 2019
  • What kind of student are you during the holidays?
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  • LukeForever
    LukeForever  3 months ago +9160

    This video clearly surprises the characters. I am so amazed. Really simple nice flow and very entertaining. It's super unique that you didn't made it so mainstream. I believe that it's something worth relating to... Super awesome terrific job jian hao's team :))

  • Teresa Khaling
    Teresa Khaling  an hour ago

    It's really Bangkok I have gone too and it is Bangkok airport

  • taswita gopireddy
    taswita gopireddy  3 hours ago

    Poor Debbie

  • AdorableKitty villa

    I wonder how many kids Madam Sootbeng has 🤔🤔🤔

  • CannyYTfoX X*
    CannyYTfoX X*  5 hours ago

    2:57 i think my dad plays that game

  • zarabianca zulkarnain

    Honestly i don’t mean to be mean but i dislike trev in character

  • Carolyn Broccardo
    Carolyn Broccardo  7 hours ago

    Are you Liverpool fan

  • Gabby Unicorn Puppy

    At 11:06 i was crying cuz ranz was about to give pai shi a lama and that random guy gave her a pink bear

  • Kaylee Nguyen
    Kaylee Nguyen  9 hours ago

    But Ben nice an Debbie

  • Kaylee Nguyen
    Kaylee Nguyen  9 hours ago

    Tref mean

  • Evy Hsen
    Evy Hsen  9 hours ago

    Wow 😮! I never knew Debbie was so pretty without her glasses!

  • Cesar gabriel Garcia

    your videos are the best

  • Noli KH
    Noli KH  12 hours ago

    Nice Ben is finally nice to her 😕😁😁😁

  • Gachxa _Wolfie
    Gachxa _Wolfie  13 hours ago +1

    When you make another video,Can you make like Debbie a glow up and then all the other students get shocked and then Trev and the other dudes with him (exclude Ben) get jealous and start to try to be friends with her

  • storm endless
    storm endless  15 hours ago +1


  • mighty althaea
    mighty althaea  15 hours ago

    "Me and the bed are one"
    Me: yesss

  • Kimberly Ibarra
    Kimberly Ibarra  16 hours ago

    Finally ben is nice

  • Mel Ayakashi
    Mel Ayakashi  18 hours ago

    The class name "T1T5" looks like the word "TITS"

  • Cute Woozi Sta Cruz
    Cute Woozi Sta Cruz  18 hours ago

    I love the part Debbie and Ben 😊❤️