The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death



  • Boyinaband
    Boyinaband  2 months ago +57338

    Ahahaha just noticed the microwave meals you drew all over my desk. Accurate.
    ...Remind me to tidy up before we vid chat again.

  • Plantasticx
    Plantasticx  55 minutes ago

    And that's why you have parents

  • Gamingwith Roy
    Gamingwith Roy  an hour ago

    anyone worked 10 days straight dont it kills you i did it for a project named of too a blast all about space

  • Emma-lee 48
    Emma-lee 48  an hour ago

    One of my classes it literally self care once a week. I love it. It’s so worth it to take care of yourself.

  • absuredangel
    absuredangel  an hour ago

    great video, im currently on stress leave from my work cuz i did the stupid thing and burned myself out. this is time im currently using to re evaluate my life and where i want to be with it. however i have learned that you can never leave stress behind. in leaving one stress im dealing with another type of stress, as in.....left a decent job to pursue something unknown. i did it for my mental health though. who knows what the future holds but always go with your gut instinct, it's rarely wrong. :)

  • Jerez Iwiski
    Jerez Iwiski  an hour ago

    I'm a farmer, checking my cows is my favorite routine.

  • Kyled1st
    Kyled1st  an hour ago

    6:14 thank you for reminding me to start a new game for Omega Ruby

  • Le Miraculer
    Le Miraculer  2 hours ago

    I feel like the title changed but then again I have only ever looked at the thumbnail.
    I never noticed the title was
    T H E C L O S E S T F E E L I N G T O D E A T H T H A T I S N T D E A T H

  • KnightEix
    KnightEix  2 hours ago

    sucking a jellyfish?
    but i could be working...

  • Andy-Matter
    Andy-Matter  2 hours ago +1


  • Charlotte martin
    Charlotte martin  3 hours ago

    my work is watching your vids

  • nour tarek
    nour tarek  3 hours ago

    Ft ere is two type of peapole
    Lazy or that problem
    And school is like that

  • Karile Jasinskaite

    You know this made a song called it's okay

  • Keimax Vix
    Keimax Vix  4 hours ago

    Your partly Japanese it's in your blood to overwork (or at least in the stereotype)

  • Acvexe X
    Acvexe X  4 hours ago

    Runnig out of ideas
    I could be working

  • Silly Vanilli
    Silly Vanilli  5 hours ago

    If I'm not working, then I'm lazy"
    Oh boi that's what my dad tells me. He said 7 hours of work will equal 1 hour of rest.

  • Vantege _6
    Vantege _6  5 hours ago

    Perfect is'nt real it's only. An illusion

  • Small Channel
    Small Channel  5 hours ago

    0:42 until 1:05 all three of those sound like my older Brother in his high school years

  • TkdmagicjackMC
    TkdmagicjackMC  5 hours ago

    “Doing the same thing over and over and...over again is a formula for absolute misery.” So school?

  • Rowen Kay
    Rowen Kay  5 hours ago