Naturopathic Quesadillas - You Suck at Cooking (episode 67)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 24, 2017
  • The easiest way to get healthy and stay healthy is to eat naturopathic quesadillas at every single meal for the rest of your life.

    Snapchat: @yousuckatcookin

    Recipe: put all that stuff inside a tortilla and cook it.


  • -lcveshqt
    -lcveshqt  yesterday

    i smashed the tomato against the wall instead of the pepper and cleaned it but the stain was still there. it's been a year. i wonder when my mom's coming home.

  • V Scarlet
    V Scarlet  2 days ago

    I suddenly heared the whole video in an Anti-vaccine mom voice----

    Dont hate it, just doesnt like it🤣🤣

  • Hannibal Lechter
    Hannibal Lechter  3 days ago

    I don't know what I just watched. I think there might have been some Dexter shit at the end.

  • Janosch Laos
    Janosch Laos  5 days ago

    You re a Genius

  • Gabriel Zoffka
    Gabriel Zoffka  5 days ago +1

    I'm so glad I decided to watch these videos.

  • beamerLiLpeeP 1
    beamerLiLpeeP 1  6 days ago

    Dude your never going to run out of ideas all you need is food recopies

  • Baloo
    Baloo  7 days ago +1

    People that have read something online:

  • Treponema Pallidum

    You’re genius

  • SilasMason
    SilasMason  7 days ago

    Lol 2x speed is amazing on this vid

  • CanadianMaple Munoz

    I accidentally added Kruger 60 black beans and it tasted like absolute g a r b o

  • Peter DeMoor
    Peter DeMoor  7 days ago

    Beans are from earth thoe.

  • frankie scarey
    frankie scarey  14 days ago +1

    “And then throw it agents the wall*

  • Butt Lord
    Butt Lord  14 days ago

    I love how there are 1100 retarded hippies downvoting this.

    LACHO  14 days ago


  • Oliver Brown
    Oliver Brown  14 days ago

    Could I make this in a different galaxy if I still use earth ingredients?

  • Isabelle Kirkerud
    Isabelle Kirkerud  14 days ago

    I want to date you.

  • Mallory Jackson
    Mallory Jackson  14 days ago +1

    please explain bathing, help, brain smolders

  • mezxv
    mezxv  14 days ago

    Step 1, Take sharp blade and scrape off old silicone. Step 2, tape straight line 2-3 mm up tile. Step 3, place new silicone and smooth with wet finger.

  • Silverfishman
    Silverfishman  14 days ago

    What do i do if i cant magnify the pan?

  • BirdDoesYOUTUBE _
    BirdDoesYOUTUBE _  14 days ago

    Hey man your nothing like how to basic your a beautyfull creative talented demi god