Naturopathic Quesadillas - You Suck at Cooking (episode 67)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 24, 2017
  • The easiest way to get healthy and stay healthy is to eat naturopathic quesadillas at every single meal for the rest of your life.

    Snapchat: @yousuckatcookin

    Recipe: put all that stuff inside a tortilla and cook it.


  • Bella
    Bella  3 days ago

    Your bathtub is NASTY

  • James Gahlot
    James Gahlot  4 days ago

    I Can Bet that this guy was an FilthyFrank Fan

  • Evan Fichtinger
    Evan Fichtinger  6 days ago

    KRUGER60. Yeah thats a starrrrrr.

  • K.O. Sounds
    K.O. Sounds  7 days ago

    I read this as neuropathic quesadillas... oops.

  • Me Mary Love
    Me Mary Love  7 days ago

    I love this you must be very spiritual and the archangels are literally watching you all the time !! U made my day thank you ☺️ love you

  • Truman Sharp
    Truman Sharp  7 days ago

    actually you forgot the salt crystal lamps with homeogenic frequency waves

  • FunHcrafts andhowtodraw

    Do a face reveal

  • bahrican mayne
    bahrican mayne  7 days ago

    Y u so mean to devan u huwt my feewings when u hurt his

  • Saixah
    Saixah  14 days ago

    Gwyneth Paltrow?

  • Something Good
    Something Good  14 days ago

    "Too healthy makes you sick" 2019

    DINGASDOER  14 days ago

    2:34 so that's where Gwyneth Paltrow got that idea.

  • Diary of a bantu girl

    And I fell in love 💕

  • Yater Potater
    Yater Potater  14 days ago

    Hipsters are quaking

  • Ishwar Kothandaraman

    goop by gwyneth paltrow

  • Lacoulas 555
    Lacoulas 555  14 days ago

    Hey uhhh ..... YSAC is this a joke?

  • My spooky Animations

    What if I don’t have nasa grade I only have Dave grade will it still taste the same

  • What is life
    What is life  21 days ago

    Last bit reminded me of dexter 😄

  • frank R1
    frank R1  21 days ago


  • -lcveshqt
    -lcveshqt  21 days ago

    i smashed the tomato against the wall instead of the pepper and cleaned it but the stain was still there. it's been a year. i wonder when my mom's coming home.

  • V Scarlet
    V Scarlet  21 days ago +2

    I suddenly heared the whole video in an Anti-vaccine mom voice----

    Dont hate it, just doesnt like it🤣🤣