Chicken Breasts | Basics with Babish Live

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 15, 2017
  • Every other week, cook-a-long with me on Twitch as I make the previous week's Basics with Babish episode. This is the live stream for the 4th episode: Chicken Breasts (That Don't Suck). Watch the Basics with Babish episode here: to my playlist, Bangers with Babish, while you cook: Podcasts: With Babish Website: With Babish Website:


  • Niyara Gray  1 years ago

    "Daddish is live, ya gotdamn right" ok but rip me open please

  • Mo Jones  1 years ago


  • Same

  • wujekg  1 years ago

    I showed this show to my gf and she said "wow, so cooking CAN be sexy...."I hate you...Keep on the good work! :D

  • FuzzyDancingBear  1 years ago

    Not cool lol

  • Cup  1 years ago


  • Elizabeth G  1 years ago

    Babish as per usual getting way too close to revealing where exactly he lives 😂

  • Onmyoji Topper  10 months ago

    If we all know this we would go to his apartment and order some food from him 😂

  • Jordan Vance  1 years ago

    Elizabeth G I live in NY its easy to pinpoint him lol

  • Mr. Sandman  1 years ago

    I never thought I'd hear a grown man say "thicc bois" this much in my life

  • abeltoth  1 years ago

    Guess you don't watch H3H3 then

  • Do a Spirited Away episode!

  • zachary gervais  1 years ago

    Hey Bab, I suggest that you pick a few topics of conversation you want to discuss with your audience while you're cooking. It doesn't take long to relay instructions so its easy to have long extended pauses while live streaming that sound a bit awkward and might even feel uncomfortable for you yourself. If you've got topics in mind you want to discuss, things as simple as why you like 'blank' or even tell a story. That way you're not caught on the spot trying to think of conversation topics. You base a...

  • Mari Anna  1 years ago

    I love the awkward pauses but I guess that's only cause I'm Finnish :P

  • poui poui  1 years ago

    I don't mind the pauses lol it makes it feel more like it's unscripted and actually live

  • sadkremmit  1 years ago

    'Hey wassup guys it's ya boi babs'

  • angryandroid  1 years ago

    With "The Last Jedi" out, when are we going to see a Star Wars-themed show? I suggest spit-roasted Porg with green milk.

  • Kobayashi's Ego  1 years ago

    Bing ing with babby